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    How brouter is different from router?

    How brouter is different from router?
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    Brouter and routers have some resemblance in the sense that a brouter is a combination of a network bridge and a router. Hence, there cannot be any vast distinction and are only collective definition that makes the definition of the duo different. The bridge is responsible for connecting the two local area networks within a common set of protocols like an Ethernet or a Token Ring. The bridge helps in forwarding any data unit to the destination address whenever the said data is passed from the source in any interconnected Local Area Network. Since a bridge allows only a single gateway to any given interconnected local area network, routers adds to the unit to which it is able to connect to more than one networks, generally within a wide area network and hence it can feature multiple paths to the destination. Therefore, in many occasions when any given data packet may be intended through either a LAN, WAN or an interconnected network, it is necessary to have a solution satisfying all the requirements and hence brouter which is a combination of both bridge and a router is used so that all the data packets can be analysed and forwarded to the intended destination successfully.
    Chharugh S. Konwar

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    Brouter also called Bridge Router it works as a router and bridge. But a router is simple device that send and receive data packets to and from network. This is connected to minimum two networks generally Local Area Network and Wide Area Network through Internet Service Providers like BSNL, HFCL etc. The difference between both is only router works as bridge router. Please note that bridge router is a device that can connects the one Local Area Network to another Local Area Network.

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    Dear nelson,

    Router :

    - Router is mainly used to share internet conection wirelessly to othe wifi enabled Laptops/Pc's.
    - Router can not be used as bridge network between those PCs / Computers,We can not share files to oter computer which are conected to same router.


    Brouter : [ Bridge+router ]

    - Brouter is the device which is used as both a bridge and router,It is combination of network bridge and a router.
    - Brouter routs some different protocols/IP and also connect them together in the form of bridge .
    - In short it is used as LAN and Internet source at the same time.
    - Using brouter we can share files to other computers connected on same brouter.


    Hope this will help you
    - AMIT K.

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