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    When I insert Pen drive in USB port then all folder it in becomes Shortcut

    I think there is a problem of virus. When i insert Pen drive in USB port and when i open it then all folder in pen drive becomes short cut. If there is any file in Pen drive, then it opens. Only folder becomes shortcut. When i click on that short cut then it is not opening. Also after this Document and Setting folder in C drive is not seen. When i type manually then it opens. What is the problem and how to solve this? I do not want to format my Hard disk. I tried to restore OS, but it is showing error.
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    Hello Nilesh,

    Your problem is not very unusual one and has been faced by many computer users recently. The main cause of the problem that you are currently facing is due to a virus attack. This type of virus usually changes the attributes of the files and folders. So, there are a couple of things that you might try in order to get rid of the problem. However, it will not imply that the virus would also be removed in the process and therefore you may take additional care for dealing with it. So, if you are facing this problem and that formatting the drive is not your preference, then you may consider the steps as mentioned below.

    Steps to solve the problem related to shortcut virus in the pen drive

    1. Click on Start and open the Run mode.

    2. In the run mode, type cmd and click on [OK] to open the command prompt.

    3. Now, type the following code in the command prompt:-
      attrib -h -r -s /s /d x:\*.*
      where 'x' must be replaced by the drive letter of the pen drive.

    4. Now, go to the flash drive and check if all the files or folders are back.

    Suggestions to fix the problem related to shortcut virus in the computer

    You may need to be very careful with these virus attacks because they may create further problem and may cause annoyance to you in the process. So you may consider some of the below mentioned points to remain on the safer side and keep your system clean and run smoothly.
    • Firstly, you will need to download a good antivirus program with up-to-date virus definition or signature and then scan your computer as soon as possible. If you are using Antivirus program like Avast (which is considered the best option so far), you can schedule a boot scan including all file types in the preference. On the other hand if you prefer to use any other antivirus product which does not feature any boot scan facility, then you may turn on the full scan option with all the file types included. You may also try the Microsoft Security Essential which is a freeware product from Microsoft if you do not want to spend money on the Antivirus product.

    • You must use the latest version of web browser so as to ensure that all the latest security updates are included in it. This also applies to the operating system which also needs to be kept updated with all the security hotfixes and updates.

    • Never use any flash drive directly on your computer. Scan the drive first before you open it as there are more chances of getting a virus attack from flash drive. You may also use a free Linux Live CD or Distro to check if there is any virus or malicious script in the flash drive. You may place an order for Ubuntu CD which is delivered free of cost by Canonical.

    • Do not download software and other medias from untrusted sites. Always prefer to use the official websites whenever you are planning to download any file from the Internet. Also you may consider scanning the same if it is packed in an archive file like RAR, ZIP etc..

    • Make a folder in the flash drive with the name 'Autorun.inf' to reduce the chances of getting a autorun virus. This may not work in all occasions, but is very handy for some specific cases.

    • Lastly, stay away from clicking any suspicious or unknown link in any email message or a web post. These are mainly to trap users in order to hack their account information or otherwise to install any malicious scripts in the browser or the computer system.

    So, these are some of the steps which you may follow to get rid of any virus attack and also avoid similar problems that you have been facing as mentioned in the query above mentioned. You are also advised to follow other safety measures to keep your computer safe and healthy with a good performance report.

    Chharugh S. Konwar

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    This problem occurs due to virus on your pen drive. You should install proper antivirus on your system like Norton Internet Security 2010 as this works very good. If shortcut creation problem is due to virus in your pen drive and on your system. You must scan your PC using Norton Internet Security 2010. You should put original CD into the CD drive then boot the machine from CD drive, for this you can press F12 or Enter at the time of booting the machine, then you will see the boot sequence. If your machine does not support F12 or Enter to show boot sequence then you can change the BIOS settings and make first boot device to CD Rom in the Start Up settings. After booting the machine from CD. The Norton Internet Security 2010 will load own Windows operating system, then Setup will ask you to choose language then you should need to select English. Then setup will ask Product Key then you should enter Product Key as written on the label of original CD.

    Example: PBCHS-AHSKD-123J5-WD789-UJ98T

    Then setup will start scanning the machine. This is the best way to remove any type of virus from system. After finishing the scanning you should install Norton Internet Security 2010 on your computer. The you can scan your USB Pen Drive through Norton Internet Security 2010. Please note that to work Norton Internet Security 2010, you must need a broadband connection or continue Internet as it use SONAR technology means Symantec Online Removal Technology. This will solve your problem.

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    Dear Friend,
    As per your query I want to tell you that the problem you are facing is mainly the virus attack.
    Most probably it will be in your pen drive, so better to trying again and again you must format your pen drive.
    If you have installed any antivirus in your PC, scan your pen drive first, then if possible take back up of your data.
    For formatting your pen drive just insert your pen drive and go to My Computer.
    There you will get an option for your pen drive, without opening it right click on it,
    there you will find so many option , select format and it will open a small window.
    Select quick format and get rid of viruses.

    One important thing, if after formatting your problem still remain same, then you need to scan your computer.

    May be you will get your answer.

    Abhay Kumar Verma

    Thanks & Regards
    Abhay Kumar Verma
    Astt. Design Engineer

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    If you want to recover your folder than just go to
    Control panel / folder option / view
    and mark show hidden files and folder
    and you will see your folder.

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    This problem of yours is quite common and is certainly the cause of virus attack as specified by other members also. But I can tell you the easiest way of recovering files from corrupted pendrive.
    Here are the simple steps to follow :

    1. Go to My Computer and click on your pen drive.

    2. When you do this, you will see the address bar on the top, the address bar is always there and the function of address bar is to specify the location. For example if your pendrive is say the H drive, if you open it, the bar will be displaying H:/ and the same thing is applied to all the content in any of the drives.

    3. Now type the name of any folder which has been converted into its shortcut in the address bar.
    Say you have a folder of Movies, type Movies in the address bar, you will see an available address as Movies.lnk, just edit that address to Movies and press enter.
    The Movies folder will be opened in front of you. Now you can easily copy paste the files contained in that folder to anywhere.
    Similarly all folders can be dealt with one by one in this way. The characteristic of this virus is that the files on the affected pendrive remains safe while only folders are affected. So if you want to use it, then avoid making folders.
    Hope your problem is solved!

    Pay no heed to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !

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    Hi i think this is because of virus

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