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    Forget password for memory card

    Plaese tell me I have forgetten my memory card password, How can I get it?
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    Dear Ravi,

    In-fact I also suffered from this problem I forgotten my memory cards [MMC] password and Some very important data locked in the memory card which I want to recover, I tried almost everything but one-day my Friend told me about this tools

    Very first thing :

    You should try to remove password by formatting the memory card-nut your data may be lost.If you want the data then there are two ways to get your password back.

    1. Using File-Explorer :

    [wont work with N / E-series Nokia Phones ]
    - You can recover Password using a External - file-explorer [ because some phone comes with inbuilt File-Explorer but trust me it wont work ].

    Steps to be followed :

    STEP 1: Open File-explorer [ If you don't have download one from - here]

    STEP 2: After Installing the software, Browse to c:\system\ directory in your cell.

    STEP 3: You will get a file named mmcstore this file is used for storing data related to your (MMC)-Memory card.

    STEP 4: convert the file into .txt file or just rename it to 'something.txt' and open it in your notepad in PC / Latop.
    You will get the password there

    2. Using Remote-Lock :

    In E / N-series phones above mentioned trick is not applicable you have to use remote lock method to remove password

    STEP 1: Activate your remote lock option, For this follow instruction given bellow.

    settings >Security >Phone and SIM> and then allow Remote lock.

    STEP 2:
    Now send a message containing your remote lock code from any other mobile and the your Remote lock code becomes MMC-password.

    -Amit K.

    With Regards,

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    You can recover the password of a memory card in various ways using some recovery tools or by exploring the system location of the password in case of mobile phones where the memory card is used. Since you have not mentioned in which device you use the memory card, I am assuming that it is being used in a mobile phone. For this purpose, you may need to have the FExplorer tool which can be downloaded easily from the web. So, following are the steps to recover the lost password of the memory card:-
    1. Download and install the FExplorer tool in the phone memory of the mobile.

    2. Run FExplorer tool and navigate to the 'C:' drive in the list.

    3. Now go to the 'System' folder in the C: drive

    4. Now try to seek a file named mmcstore that is located in the 'System' folder

    5. Change this file to a text file by renaming it as mmcstore.txt.

    6. Now, connect your mobile to your computer and copy-paste this text file to your computer

    7. Once copied, open it with any text editor in the computer

    8. You will now be able to see your password somewhere towards the end of the text file.

    9. Now, use that password to unlock the memory card that is inserted in the mobile phone.
    You can also reset the password of the memory card by using some of the custom tools that are available for download.

    Chharugh S. Konwar

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    We can do recover the data of Memory card with following steps:

    1. First download FExplorer from internet using any search engine.
    2. Then install FExplorer on the phone memory.
    3. Then goto C:\ then you will find a file named mmcstore.
    4. Send it to your laptop via bluetooth or usb cable.
    5. Then Open the file on you laptop using Notepad or DOS EDIT command.
    6. At the end of file you will find the password of memory card.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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