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    Abdominal pain - any home treatment

    Is there any home treatment for abdominal pain. My wife during her periods feel it uneasy and complains of abdominal pain. Please advise.
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    Apply hot oil in the lower abdomen in the night.
    Apply cool water soaked cloth or towel over the lower part of the abdomen

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    Hello,i am Dr.Devisri.the problem what your wife is having is called as means painful menstruation.the condition may be painful but it is a good sign of ovulation and normal reproductive function if the pain is present since the first periods at around 13 years.if the onset of pain is recent one then you have to consult the gynaecologist to rule out conditions like fibroid,PID,endometriosis etc.,.if the pain is since adolescence then you can follow these home remedies. 1.take one spoon of vendhayam and soak it in one glass of water at night day morning you mix some curd and salt to that water and drink it like a butter milk along with the soaked vendhayam.ask her to take it for one week before the commencement of periods and upto third day of periods. 2.apply franch oil or gingely oil in her lower abdomen at the time of pain. 3.take fresh juices often during three days before and upto three days of periods. 4.avoid during strenous work during and just before periods. 5.there are some form of yoga which will relax the pelvic ligaments and reduce the pain.consult an yoga physician. can put a wet cloth in the lower abdomen which will decrease the heat production and thereby the pain. Apart from all these you can use TAB.MEFTAL SPAS one tablet at the time of will provide excellent relief from pain within one hour.she will be extremely comfortable and she will be normal as if she will be during other days.this tablet has no major side effects.she should take this tablet after food.if you take this in empty stomach it will cause gastritis.if she is already having gastritis,then she can take 150mg before food. spas one tab after food. i promise that this tablet with provide excellent relief from can follow all these measures.BUT its must that you should consult a gynaecologist for a scan and to rule out other conditions

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    Tips to reduce abdominal pain during menstrual cycle

    * Eat alot of fresh dates which is iron rich

    * If exercise regularly you will feel the changes and surprize by painless menstrual cycle

    * Especially soma asanas in yoga like 'Halasana' will help to reduce abdominal pain duringperiod time.This asana is very popular to remove obesity and reduce menstruation pain too.Practice regularly as written below

    Method of doing Halasana

    Lie down straight on your back, inhale and slowly lift the legs. First 30 degrees up, then 60 degrees and finally 90 degrees up and then take the legs to the back of the head by lifting the back, while exhaling.

    * Rest the toes on the floor behind the head and breathe normally. In the beginning, the hands can be used to support the back for comfort. At the completion stage keep the hands on the floor and stay in this position for 30 seconds.

    * While returning, repeat the same process by keeping the hands pressed on the floor and keeping the knees straight, while the heels touch the floor.


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