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    Watching Cricket Live On Internet

    Is it possible to watch live cricket telecast on internet?
    Are there any such websites?
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    Yes, it is possible to watch live streaming of cricket matches on the internet; primarily with the help of the streams being shared on various sites and blogs.

    You can watch live matches on the below mentioned websites:


    There are many more such websites that are available and mostly provide with live streaming for almost all the live matches.

    So, go ahead enjoy not just international matches but also domestic matches and tournaments like IPL and Champions League.


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    Yes. Is possible. Many sites offers it. Youtube broadcasted the IPL third edition matches

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    There are so many websites available at internet like they provide service for online view of games. But you need to be registered with them and they can charge for the same. This service not free. The free sites are not giving speed and quality. Free site is named

    I recommend you if you want to see cricket on the computer screen then just buy an USB TV Tuner and with this you will enjoy the cricket on computer. Also this will be very cheap way to see the cricket.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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    The best site for watching live cricket is
    No registration, no charges and multiple channels available for each match. just logon to the website, sitback & enjoy.

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    There are many websites which provides a live show of cricket on internet.
    some of the sites which provide live cricket are:
    these are some of the websites which provide cricket live streaming.
    There are so many websites which provide live cricket.
    For further clear information search in and enjoy the live cricket on your PC or laptop.

    M Suman Kumar.

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    There many websites which provides live cricket matches on the internet.Some of the websites are given below:-

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    yes,sure it is possible such as sometimes you can watch live streaming of IPL cricket on "U Tube".

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    Yes. Of course you can see cricket live on net.
    I have not tried all the websites mentioned above.
    But I always prefer watching in 2 websites.
    They are:
    My suggestion is that these two are the better.
    But there are many other websites which telecast live matches.
    Search google and you will get clear picture about it.

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    Yes it is 100% possible for Live show of any international cricket match through the world.Today here are a large nubber of sites which are responsible for unbreaking streaming of cricket match.I am giving you some of them-


    Also you can use cricket page for realtime update score of cricket match.

    Feel free to ask any other question to me directly....

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    Yes, you can watch live matches, just google it and many sites will appear where you can watch it.

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    Is there any website whose interface is simple as it was in case of YOUTUBE during the live telecast of IPL 20-20.

    Means without registration we can see the video.

    Best regards

    S B Choudhary
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    S B Choudhary

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    yes you can watch live cricket at
    and IPL matches on youtube

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    All the above websites offer live streaming of cricket matches.

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    I would like to add another website along with the websites mentioned above.I came across a website recently for watching live cricket.It is also comparitively good.Here is the URL of the website.
    Have a try at this website.

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    many websites are available to the live cricket. cricket

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    Here is one more web-site for watching live cricket online. This website is really fast, good and free, but it shows advertises in between for some seconds.


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    yes you can see the live cricket on the internet if you have a high speed broadband connection .some sites which provide this service is

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    Also there are some more sites which provide you the services

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    yes it is possible to see live cricket on the internet whenever you want just visit these sites -:

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    Today so many sites are included this special feature,but some sites only record video are telecaste.

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    now the speed of net is being increased than you can possible to watch live cricket matches movies or any radio station also.
    now we are talking about cricket here yes you can now watch your live matches here:

    you can also watch the previous recorded matches


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