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    Difference between a Hub, a Switch and a Router

    What's the difference between a Hub, a Switch and a Router?
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    Hub, Switch and Router, all of three are the networking devices and made to connect one computer to another or unlimited computers.


    The hub is for small network like at home if we want to connect a computer to another then we can use hub, as it is small and not so much costly. And at home we do not need so much speed of data transfer etc. The efficiency of hub is limited.


    The network switch is generally used for networking in small businesses to high scale businesses, Switches are available in the market from 5 port to 24 ports. Switch tranmit the data with high speed, 10/100 mbps is the gerenal speed of data transmission of an switch. We can also do programming at switch level if we know the switch level networking and can set the load of switch as per requirment of the particular user.


    Router are also part of networking, they generally used for wide area network like lease line, broadband etc. The internet service providers installs router at customer site to give internet access at the customer site.

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    hey monika..

    basically Hub, switch and router are network based devices...

    A hub is device which can interconnect multiple devices in a network flow... It is a network bridging device.. But the hub is not an efficient network device.. If four computers connected through a 100 mb/s hub the speed of data packet transmission between those computers will be 25mb/s as the hub will literally divide the total speed into no of connected terminals... if more terminals are connected to hub the hub is crap....

    We can say that a switch is an intelligent HUB as it knows where to forward the packets and, where the packets are received from.. Hence the speed will not be divided based on the connected terminals as a HUB does...It is an efficient bridging device.. There are two type of switches as manageable and unmanageable..

    Manageable switch is knows as router... If a manageable switch is configured with routing tables, then we can call it as router.. basically Routing table is a virtual table which consists of the routing rules...

    Hope this helps..

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    Hello Monika,

    Your question is very interesting.

    Basically Hubs, Switches & Routers are Networking devices. These devices are used in network environment to connect various nodes of network. But all of these has it's own characteristics.


    Hub is a Physical Layer/Layer1 device. It can connect two more nodes (PCs) of networks. It is a broadcast device, means it forwards data packets to all ports. Since the data is being transmitted from all ports, data collision occurs and traffic jams of packets/data generates in network. That's why hub is also known as collision device. Usually hubs are used in home or small scale industries.


    Switch is layer2 device. Now a days layer3/multilayer switches are also available in market. Switch broadcasts packet only for first time, second time onwards it acts as a unicast. switch saves every pc's MAC address & port number in MAC table to send packets for a particular Pc on a particular port.


    Router is a Layer3 device. There are two types of router
    Types of Router: router: Software routers are basically PCs.
    2.hardware router: Hardware routers are dedicated devices.

    Functions of Router:
    1) Internetwork communication
    2) Packet filtering
    3) Packet Switching.
    4) Path selection.

    Routers not only connect two different networks but also select best path to reach the destination.

    It switches the packet to one network (port) to other network (port) it also filters packet.

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    Abdul Aala
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    Hubs, switches and routers are all used to connect two or more devices or a network. However, they differ in the way they function and also on the various features and advantage each of them has of its own.

    Hubs are used to connect multiple computers to a central point in a network. It is basically made up of various ports which is used to copy all the packets that arrives in one port to all other ports so that the packets are visible to all the segment of the network. In other words, it does not follow any destination address to deliver the packets, it simply copies them to all the ports available as a result of which there are many congestion in the network due to the heavy traffic. It is also less effective in terms of speed and performance as the entire bandwidth is shared among all the connected systems in the network.

    Switches are used to filter the packets and to forward them between different Local Area Network segments. It uses the MAC address of a system to identify in which port each of the system are connected and then uses this information to deliver the frames to that particular system to which it was intended. Unlike the Hub it does not share or divide the bandwidth and as such each of the ports are allotted with the maximum bandwidth available.

    A router is a device that determines the route through which the data packets will be forwarded. They connects two networks and determines the way to send them on the basis of the predefined route. Routers are used to connect two or more LAN or WAN networks. Routers functions by first receiving the TCP/IP packets , it then analyses each packet received to determine the corresponding source and destination IP address. After getting the required IP addresses, the packets are then forwarded based on the destination IP addresses that has been recorded. It ensures that the packet has finally reached the right destination address.

    Chharugh S. Konwar

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    A network is a combination of several components such as Hubs, switches, Routers etc. Which work together to transfer data from one computer to another computer.

    The difference between the hubs, switches, routers are given below.

    1. HUBS: It is electronic device used to centralize network traffic through a single connecting point. A Hub is used in a star topology as a central computer. The data are transfered from one node to another through Hub. HUBS are also known as Concentrators and multi-postrepeaters.

    The Hubs are of three types.
    1. Passive hubs:this hub doesnt boost or amplify signals. This hubs are used for small network where distance between the nodes are small.

    2. Active hubs :It consist of certain electronic components and the circuit which boosts the signal from one node to another. This hubs can boost the signal so this hubs can be used for larger network where the distance between the nodes are large.

    3. Intelligent hubs :These hubs are more advanced than active hubs. It means such hubs can perform automatic switching actions. Switching action can select the desired path through which the signals can be passed.

    2. SWITCHES : switches can route the data over multiple paths . The switches can read the address where the message has to be sent and then it directly forwards the message to appropriate node. There is free flow of traffic, it means that they avoid the congestion occured over the network .

    3. ROUTERS : A routes is a electronic device used to connect two network having different mediums . A routers maintain a table of available routes. They may be
    *dynamic tables : these tables change as per the network conditions and allow the best route for sending data.
    *static tables:once these tables are created they arenot changed and all the data are passed through the same path. Although the processing of the routers are very slow as they need to read address and network of the nodes.

    With best regards,

    primo samuel.

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