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    How to get job in MNC

    Respected Sir,

    I completed my PG in Personnel Management and have 2 years exprience in the same field. But only thing is that this exprience is not in a big companies. Both companies are situated at Jalgaon itself. Many of the times i posted my resume in various MNC companies then also I am not getting any good response. Please suggest me any good guidance so that i get response from good companies.

    Warm Regards

    Priyanka Chaturvedi
    Bronze Level
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    You should attend the classes for personality development. There are so many institute available in all major cities they can give training course for the personality development. The personality plays the major role at the time of interviews. As first impression is the last impression. Also you should improve your communication skills to get the job in MNC.

    After this you can approach directly to that companies. You will get job in any of the MNC easily.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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    Hi Priyanka,

    You have PG in Personnel Management, why are not trying in metro cities nearby like, mumbai, pune, nashik. There are many MNC offering jobs for freshers according to their capablilities, there are wonderful opportunities. Even I have experienced the same.

    You can get good opportunity as well as earning.

    Try in Metro Cities


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    Hi Priyanka,
    First of I should tell you that you have got a good educational background as a Post graduate Diploma in personal management. But I find that you have changed your job within in 2 years. Your 2 years experiences may carry some value. But any new employer in MNC will ask about the reason of such change within a very short interval. They will definitely think twice that if you are selected in a new company you may leave the job shortly. You must know that the recruitment process is very expensive.
    Lastly, I will advice you to stick to your present job at least for 3 years which may help you to shift your job in a good MNC in future.

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    Dear Priyanka,
    1. Invest in making a CV which highlights your strengths and achievements especially during your 2 year work experience.
    2. choose the job and position according to your capability and then apply, u are sure to grow with more experience.
    3. imrpove on your interview skills and keep upgrading yourself academically.
    all the best,

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