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    Loose Motion in infants

    I have a kid 9 months old, from the past 1 month he is suffering from loose motions,kindly please suggest me some good ayurvedic remedies for curing this?
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    Manish Gour
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    Firstly always give him filtered water, the boiled water is not beneficial in the case of loose motion.

    You must give him proper antibiotics after consulting a medical doctor. Also need to give proper medicine to stop loose motions. Generally we can give Enteroquinol table (brown color). One tablet first time then half tablet twice a day.

    But you must visit to the doctor for immediate relief.

    The best home remedy is you can give him water of boiled rice. Mashed banana can be beneficial, you can give only one eight part of banana at one time.

    Always you filtered water or bottled water for children to avoid loose motion.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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    Following are the possible treatments you can do for your kid -

    1. You must feed him with the ORH [Oral Rehydration Solution] which is a mixture of salt, sugar and water. The solution does not need to be extremely concentrated but it must be a bit dilute. It must not taste bad otherwise the child can also suffer from vomiting spells. In intervals of 1 hour, feed 3 - 5 spoons of ORH to the child.

    2. Do not make your kid drink a lot of milk. The milk must be really pure and not too much strong. It is preferable that you should add water to the milk, clean water, and add some sugar and then feed your baby with milk only some 5 - 10 spoons every 90 minutes.

    3. You can get tulsi leaves and dry them in about 5 hours sunlight heat. Next, get a mixture of the tulsi leaves, the dried ones, and then mix it with water and add sufficient amount of sugar and feed this solution to the baby, every 6 hours or 7 hours.

    4. The baby must not be allowed to sleep with his tummy on the bed. This can create problems in the tummy of your kid and even severe stomach pain can be observed.

    5. If your kid's loose motion does not halt at once, then try to make it sleep and do not make him eat too much even after waking up. If he cries, then feed him with some ORH and then make him sleep. Bed rest is advised.

    Thank you.
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    according to ayurveda the loose motion is due to agni mandya.
    if Baby breast Feeds then it is also important that Mother also take care of her diet.
    *She should be drinking boiled water.
    *Avoid more spicy and heawy digestive food
    *cleaning of baby is also important.
    *Also the breast cleaning during Each feed is important.
    *If baby feeds with high protein suppliment then it may be one of the cause.
    *Baby or mother receiving any drug theropy it also leading to loose motions.
    treatment must be......
    *Find out the cause & avoid it.
    *Maintaine proper hygine.
    *take proper medical advice from physician.

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    Severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can be caused by loss of fluids from the body due to diarrhea, which could subsequently lead to death. The rate of mortality due to diarrhea in infants is alarmingly high in the world. The year 2009 saw 1.5 million deaths in infants below the age of 5.
    One must make sure that the fluid intake for the person suffering from loose motions or diarrhea is not less. It is strictly advisable to visit child doctors if the diarrhea persists for a long time.

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