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    Which one is better after engineering MS or MBA?

    i want to know which one is better after engineering MS or MBA?which one has the bright future?
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    I suggest you to go for MBA as MS will limit your choices of career. With MBA you will not be a expert in engineering but you can go for marketing or business management jobs also.

    In the simple words we can say I you want to make money easily then you can choose MBA. Otherwise if you like much challenges then you can go for MS. Because after MS you will get less money.

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    Hello Ismail,
    As far as MS and MBA are concerned both are best study options. But in todays situation MBA graduates are coming out in a high number. Each and every one is preferring MBA . So if you want to get MBA try to get from the best B schools in India else i would suggest you to get an MS.
    I don't think as money wise MS is a bad option. I f you are efficient enough then more money will come in search of you

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    In my opinion, whatever you are fond of should be your option, irrespective of what the world is going after. I know that there is a certain craze of pursuing MBA after engineering but what is the use of studying so very hard to enter an engineering institute and then going to work in a multi-national company after completing MBA where engineering concepts don't even matter. One could easily pursue MBA after attending regular college and even save one year of his life as most conventional graduate courses take 3 years to complete while engineering courses take 4 years.

    If engineering is a subject which really interests you then you should pursue MS, however, if you think that you have had enough of engineering concepts and formulae then you could opt for MBA. One day when you are old and grey, sitting down thinking about the life you have lived, the amount of money you earned will not matter but if you really had fun working in your field of calling will definitely matter. Yes, money is important but it is not everything in the world.

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    On the Masters of Science side, the Engineering degree prepares you to be a technical proficient worker bee. On the MBA side, it grooms you for management. Remember, MBA's often manage workers with higher technical degrees.

    An MBA Engineer might work in managing a technical sales team, while an MS Engineer might do field service work or R&D, etc.

    If I were you, I would decide what I liked to do. If you like the business side of technology, focus on an MBA. If you are more of an introvert and enjoy working on more technical projects, then go for the MS in Engineering.

    I hope this helps. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of PhD's without work. If you can market and manage a business, you will always be in demand.

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    MS is more technical oriented subject whereas MBA is more related to managerial skills, entrepreneurship, analyzing and assessment of employees and company. Both are very different from each other.
    I want to bring one more point to your notice. It is general notion that MBA is for managerial position. It's not like that. Now a days , due to huge advancement in technologies companies are preferring people with technical background. I mean to say that, for a managerial position, a company might prefer a MS student rather than MBA student.

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