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    remedy for black lips

    my lips has blackish outline. what to do to remove and look them pinkish.
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    1. You have to drink more water if you do not have the habit of drinking that much water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water, you might need more in summer when the body is also sweating. Dehydration is one of the causes for the dark lips. You should never feel dry lips, if you do it means that your dehydration has already set in. So make it a point to drink a glass every hour.

    2. Do not use cheap lipsticks and cosmetics on your face. Use natural products like Vaseline petroleum jelly, coconut oil, butter etc for your soft and pink lips.

    3. If you are used to smoking please do put a stop to it. It not only affects your health it darkens your lips and as well as your fingers.

    To remove the darkness
    Mix up lime juice and glycerin, apply daily before going to bed, in the night, wash off after 10-15 minutes, if you don't like to keep it overnight.
    You can also apply just butter or coconut oil on your lips before going to bed. In the day time use lip balm or lip gel whenever you go out.
    Avoid lipsticks when you stay at home, use them only when you need them. Not only lipsticks, keep your face also free of make up whenever you can so that the skin can breathe in.
    Now, what you can do is to brush your lips in the morning and night when you brush your teeth, with your toothpaste. Apply lip balm regularly and wear only light or pastel coloured lipsticks for sometime till your natural colour returns to your lips.

    Latha Jayaprakash

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    Well,Massage your lips gently with an olive oil every night before going to bed. This should help moisturize your lips. During daytime, wear a lip balm with sun protecting factor more than 15 to protect them from sun.

    1 Drink lots of water .

    2 Never use old, expired lipsticks, and make sure your lipstick to be good brand names. And also avoid applying too much lipstick. Incase your lips turn to black color, discontinue immediately

    3 Application of honey is also useful for lightening your lips and restoring the lost color.

    4 Coriander juice is also effective for lightening dark lips and regaining the natural pink color.

    5 Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to get a soft, pink colored lip.

    6 Grind a rose petal and apply on lips to get smooth lips.

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    Here are a few major reasons Why lips turn black:--

    * Using lipstick and other lip products of cheap brands
    * Exposure to sun
    * Heavy application of lipstick
    * Excess drinking of tea or coffee
    * Smoking
    * Allergy
    * Dryness

    ***Remedies / Treatments for Dark Black Lips*****

    Pink is the original color of the lips most of us were born with. However with the passage of time and lack of proper care, they often tend to lose their natural tone and slowly turn dark. Since pink lips are a major indicator of good health, people adhere to a number of remedies or treatments to get rid of dark lips. Here are some you too can follow:

    * You can use your toothbrush simply to exfoliate the dead skin cells off your lips. But remember to use them gently to avoid hurting your delicate lips. Apply a thin coat of a good lip balm after this. Incase your lips are chapped too, then stick to the same remedy, but with the toothbrush coated with Vaseline this time.

    * Massage your lips gently with a good lip balm every night. Also make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day. During daytime, use lip balm with at SPF 15 or higher to protect them against glaring sun rays. Follow this routine religiously every day.

    * Mix some salt in milk. Apply this on the lips, rubbing gently. Wash off after 10 minutes. Follow this routine for 15 to 20 days.

    * One drop of glycerin can be applied to the lips and let it remain for at least 10 minutes. This can be repeated 2-3 times a day

    * Massage your lips with a mixture of glycerin, lime juice and honey before going to bed.

    * You can even try ghee also on your lips at night, leaving it on overnight.

    * Apply almond oil on your lips before bedtime.

    * Cut a lemon into half and rub it in two drops of honey and apply it to your lips in circular motion. Then wash it with ice cold water and pat it dry. Do this once a day. This makes the lips pink and keeps it glowing.

    ***Natural lipstick for your black lips:****

    Grind a beetroot juice and mix with glycerine. Keep this mixture in your refrigerator. Apply this lipstick everyday on your black lips to get a natural pink lips.

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    Kindly apply a lip balm with sunscreen while going out in the sun.Mix few drops of honey with lemon and apply on the lips at night.

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    Look if you have black lips since birth there might not be much you can do about it, but u cud use gloss or maybe if you really want you can consult a surgeon.
    but you shud really be asking a doctor for advice first, I didnt have dark lips since birth, but over time they did become quite dark, I started scrubbing them like once or twice a week and apply a lip balm twice or thrice a day, especially after you take a bath and the lips are also more moist, and before you goto sleep so that the skin doesn't dry up in the night. If the color of your lips is due to bad circulation then massaging them a little might also help in increasing blood circulation and to attain healthier lips.

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    Hi Friend,

    Remedies for Black Lips:

    1.Use good makeup.Try to use Branded products of Makeup
    2.Avoid Coffee
    3.Try Rose water to the lips
    4.Rub your lips slowly with beetroot.So that it will help you to decrease the dullness.
    5.Smoking also makes your lips dull.
    6.Avoiding chlorinated water will also help you to avoid this issue.
    7.Hydrating your lips will help you to keep the lips in good condition.
    Hope the information is helpful for you

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    Pinks lips are sign of your internal health mostly boys are facing this problem due to smoking issues and in girls this all happen due to hormonal change.
    1. Honey is best ingredient to treat lips that have turned dark due to hormonal change or due to age effect.
    2.Lemon is normally used to cure dark patches on lips. Apply lemon juice on lips before sleep.
    3.For naturally pink and smooth en use one table spoon of strawberry juice with two table spoon of petroleum jelly on your lips as a lip balm.
    4.Rasp berries are also useful to cure your problem.
    5. Some oils are useful for lips like olive oil, mustard oil, crovy oil is also useful for dark and patchy lips.
    6.Massage your lips with ice cube , this will keep your lips fresh and nourished.

    Surbhi Walia
    Barriers and hurdles are the Identification tags of right path

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