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    Anti virus software for P3 system

    which is the best anti virus software that well supports the p3 system?
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    Hi MAthew,

    Good to know and Need to know, is there are many free AV available on net, but I prefer and prefer that you should purchase an AV, instead of using free accessories, this is because these software are always introductional and do not remove and malware, phishing and provide not support.

    In India commonly used software are
    NPAV and others.

    I am using NPAV, one of the most commonly used and cheaper. It is Total Internet Security software


    Ajay_super on
    India Study Channel

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    If you are working on P3 System, then you can install Norton internet security 2010 on it. But you must have Microsoft Windows XP installed on it.

    Norton Internet Security 2010 is the lightest antivirus for all system. Even the full Norton Internet Security can be installed in just two min. on P3 system.

    Its has SONAR Technology that check and remove the virus with full online support. This will also increase the performance of your system.

    If you want to install an free anti-virus then go for AVAST or AVG. Both are free and can do some work but they are heavy and can slow you PC and can not remove virus completely like Norton Internet Security 2010.

    Also Norton internet security 2010 is available online for 90 days trial period. You can use 90 days trial and then you can buy it for 1 year. In the meantime Norton Internet Security 2011 will be available in the market. Then you can buy NIS 2011.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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    You can try the Avast Antivirus which is considered the best of its kind. Many Antivirus will simply slow down the system and you may find it difficult to bear with it in terms of low configuration systems. Avast stands high in this regard as it is very light on resources and may work in all types of configuration with ease. It has a very good detection and healing capabilities and the virus definition is always up-to-date to include the signature of all the latest threats. Avast Antivirus comes in three versions generally for desktop users which are Avast Free edition, Avast Pro Edition, and Avast Internet Security. The free edition of Avast comes with a free license of one year valid from the date of registration. The Pro Edition and Internet Security can be purchased online through their official website and also from your nearest outlet, a trial version for the same is however available for download. There are many other good features that makes using Avast more comfortable and secured.

    The minimum system requirements are:-
    • Processor Pentium 3

    • 128 MB RAM

    • 100 MB of free HDD space

    • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (both 32-bit and 64 bit)

    Some of its key features are:-
    1. It features Heuristics engine to detect malwares including both binary and script malware.

    2. It has the boot-scan feature to scan the entire system on start-up and hence a more reliable method. It can help to remove some of the virus which otherwise cannot be done in the normal mode.

    3. The virus definition keeps updated twice or thrice daily to include the signature of all the latest threats.

    4. It has CPU optimization feature that adapts to any processor to speed up the scanning.

    5. It has also built-in firewall, antispyware and other shields to protect from all source of possible threat.

    So, with all these features that are packed in a single product, it is worth a try for all those who are looking for a good security program. The various testimony of the satisfied users all round the globe has proved its excellence and its might in delivering the best in securing our system without any hassle.

    Chharugh S. Konwar

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    Dear mathew,

    You can use any antivirus software on your PC. Almost all Antivirus software support P3 PC. I recommend you to buy a Kasper-sky Anti Virus,I am using Kasper-sky Antivirus on P3 system
    You can buy it form its official site.(rates and link provided bellow) It's better to buy 2-3 PC PACK rather than 1 PC and share it with your friends/relatives.

    Approximate rates for Kasper-sky 1 PC pack :

    Kasper-sky ( Anti-Virus 2011 )
    URL :
    - 1pc - 1 year for $39.95
    - 1pc - 2 year for $54.95

    System requirements :

    - Processor 800 MHz or higher.
    - 512 MB of available RAM
    - More than 400 Mb free space on hard-drive .
    - Active Internet connection required for activation (also required for updating DATABASE)
    - Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0

    And there are also some good free Antivirus provider :

    - Avast
    - Grisoft Avg
    - Quick Heal
    - Norton Antivirus (google pack)

    Some Paid Antivirus providers :

    - Kasper-sky
    - McAfee

    With best regards
    - AMIT K

    With Regards,

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    Hi Mathew,

    There are many software antivirus that keep your computer safe against threads.But the best antivirus is NOD 32.This software preform super task against viruses.

    The minimum requirements are:-

    · Memory: 44 MB
    · Disk Space (Download): 28 MB
    · Disk Space (Installation): 35 MB

    Antivirus has built-in technology to prevent malicious software from corrupting or disabling it, so you can rest assured your system is always protected.

    Download this software trial form below link.

    Thank You For Reading.



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    If you have a P3 system with windows XP(atleast sp2), then you can install most of the antivirus softwares. Among these Avira and Avast will be the best choice for your system.

    Avira has a good detection capability and keeps your system clean. If you think your system is already affected by virus then use Avira.

    With antivirus use Threatfire in parallel to give your system 100% protection. Threatfire uses behaviour based detection and will not allow malware or other threats to reside on your system. It will work in parallel with another antivirus software.

    Best Regards
    Abilash A Jaison

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