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    Permanent cure of Migraine

    Is permanent cure of Migraine possible?
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    Hello Nidhi

    If you use following methods then you can cure the permanent Migraine:

    1. The best way to cure migraine, your spouse or other person can help in this matter, he should put some mustard on hands and massage on your scalp. Please do message at least for 15 minutes. Daily message will help to permanently cure of migraine.

    2. Increase common salt in you daily diet, but only to cure the migraine. Once you cured from migraine then you must use the salt less as excess salt is dangerous to health.

    3. If you think particular thing or food is the cause of your migraine then you should avoid that things. You should sleep much. Always go to bed early in night and wake late to complete your sleep.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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    Permanent cure of Migraine is not possible but attacks can be prevented. Its a disorder in which blood vessels in brain get dilated. Exact etiology is still unknown
    . Avoid stress
    . Avoid certain foods like chocolates, excess fat & caffiene, cheese
    . Calcium channel blockers like flunarizine are useful in preventing attacks. Take 10 mg tablet daily night for 2-3 weeks after which it starts showing effects
    . Analgesics (pain killers) like aspirin, paracetamol (crocin), nimesulide help in acute attacks
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    Migraine headache- Cause, prevention & treatment

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