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    Basic steps for buying intra day shares?

    What are the basic steps for buying intra day shares?
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    For intra day trading you will have to select some of the good sensex driver stocks which are performing very fast movement in intra day trading.
    You must track all those stocks for intra day high and low level. If the difference between high and low is moe than 10% you can buy such stocks during upward movement of sensex to make lum sum profit in intra day trading.

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    Hi Intra day trading is fraught with risk. However if you have ventured to try it out here are few tips. You can see the volume of trade,compare the volume with previous days, see tghe general sentiment, and the value of shares during last 2 or 3 days. One basic rule of Stock Market is whatever goes up has to come down and whatever goes down will come up Market is purely for making profits Your exposure to the market, however, should remain within limits Though intra day trading, in the initial stages, will result in some gains, buying for long term investment is the best way to get somedecent return.

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    Intra day trading is one of the trading options to sell/buy shares in a same day.

    You can sell shares if you do not have also, but you need buy the same amount of share in the same day.

    Basic Steps:

    > Do some analysis on shares or your best picks
    > Do intraday, when the companies are publishing results
    > Listing of IPO's
    > Be present entire day in front of your demat account and be careful while doing intraday.
    > Keep the brokerage service contact details.
    > Get the access of phone services of your demat account and use it if you face any problems while accessing your account

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