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    Where did the term 'monsoon' originate from?

    I need the details of
    What is a monsoon? and Where did the term 'monsoon' originate from?
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    What is monsoon

    The monsoons, which maintain the balance of global temperatures to live normal life of the earth. Many countries are taking benefits of the monsoon like Africa, Asia, China, Australia and some parts of America. In India almost more than 50% of the rain fall is due to monsoon. There are two Indian monsoon seasons. In summer monsoon comes from the directions of Africa and brings heavy rain to West and North India in the month of June, July and August. In winter north-east monsoon comes back from himalaya side and brings heavy rains in the south states like Tamilnadu in the month of October, November and December.

    The term of monsoon was first used in English in British India, now Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, Burma and neighbouring countries to refer the big seasonal winds blow from Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal in the south-west bringing heavy rain to the area.

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    # Your first question is "What is monsoon?"

    My interpretation of the term monsoon:

    Monsoon is the seasonal prevailing wind in the region of the Indian subcontinent and south east Asea bringing rain when blowing from the south west. This rainy season accompanies south west west monsoon.

    # My answer to your second question about the origin of the word "Monsoon":

    The word "Monsoon" was originated from the Arabic word "Mawsin" which means "Season". Ancient sailors in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea described this altering winds blowing in the south west and termed as "mawsin". This term was first used by the name as "monsoon" in English language in India during British period.

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    The term monsoon has been originated from the dutch word 'monsun' and the arabic term 'mawsim' which means season. The word 'mausim' also means 'weather' which is being used in Hindi, Urdu and some of the north Indian languages too.

    Monsoon is a wind system which influences very large climatic regions. This wind comes from the southwest or the south which brings heavy rainfall to southern Asia in the summer.

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    The term 'Monsoon' is generally referred to the rainy season in various parts of the world including Asia, Africa, Australia and North America. The word monsoon comes from the Arabic language and was used by British in India during the colonial era.

    There are different names given to the monsoon in various areas of the world like North American Monsoon in the US, Southwest Monsoon in India, East Asian Monsoon in Indo-China, Philippines, China, Korea and Japan, Indo-Australian Monsoon in Australia and European Monsoon in Europe. In all kinds of monsoons, the high pressure created on the land that invites rain-laden winds from the water sources causes the rains. In some areas monsoons have a milder effect while in some parts of the world especially in Asia, they become a menace with floods and inundations throughout the region.

    Although, there have been predictions about rainfall-their time and amount- but the forecasts have never been accurate. While irrigation has benefited a lot due to the rains, the world still has a lot to do in the field of rain-water harvesting.

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    'Monsoon' refers to the seasonal reversal in the wind direction during a year or we can say that Monsoon is the seasonal change in the pattern of wind flow or the pattern of rainfall. In India, we commonly associate monsoon to the rainy season.The phenomenon of monsoon was first noticed by the various sailors who had come to India for trade purposes during the medieval period. The monsoon helped them navigate to India whose journey they had commenced at the mercy of winds.

    The Arabs, who had also come to India as traders named this seasonal reversal of the wind system "monsoon". The roots of Monsoon are from the Arabic word mawsim ("season").



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    Monsoon can be best defined as the phenomenon of sea and land breezes but on a large scale.

    The word " monsoon" is derived from the Arabic word " mausim" which means season.

    In the summer, land gets heated more than the sea and a low pressure area develops over the land while the sea is comparatively cooler and there is a high pressure.

    The South-east trade winds during this time get attracted by this huge difference in the pressure towards the Indian mainland and change their direction as soon as they cross the Equator.

    The change in the direction is completely due to the rotation of the Earth.
    Now, they blow as south-west monsoon winds and pick up the moisture when they blow over Arabian sea and the Bay of Bengal.
    As soon as any relief features like plateaus and mountains come on their way, there is a rainfall.

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