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    Should we keep shiva linga at home

    shall we keep shiva linga at home , but somebody saying that we should not and the reason why???
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    No! Never! From the Vedic Period, it is supposed to be inauspicious for non Brahmins to worship the Shiv Lingam at their homes. Only Brahmins can perform Ling Puja at their homes.

    If you happen to be a Brahmin by caste, you can worship Ligam at your home, otherwise not.


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    I do have kasi vishwnath photo and small idol of sivalingam in my pooja room.I have not heard people saying not ot keep siva lingam in house. Most of my relatives have the same it is good only. Though i am not a brahmin. so carry on workshipping sivalingam at home.

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    Yes you can keep Shiv ling at and worship it of your own.
    One thing remember never do wrong way and chant mantras as it will create harm.
    If you want to do Puja for all your family member then you cannot keep ShivLing at home because you need perfect priest to recite
    mantra's and do puja like done in temples.

    I have ShivLing in my home and worshiping since 4 years.I do puja for me only with perfumed water(aghur),sandalwood only.I simply chant "MAHA MRUTANJAYA" mantra for 11 times. you can do 7,11,21 times too.108 times will be awesome but due to scrarsity of time 7,11,21 is okay.

    In Shiv ratri puja just arpit 108 times perfumed water and belua patra(leaves)and jaap 108 times mahamruntanjaya mantra. You will surely get results.Just keep faith on Shivji.He will bless you and fulfil your desire.

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    Yes,you can keep sivalinga in your home but the height should not be more than 1 feet. It is must to perform abhisheka atleast with pure water and pooja with vilva or flower - daily in the morning.

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    We should not keep shiv linga at home. If we want to keep it at home then we should need to use that room only as temple. But the Parad Shiv Linga can be placed in the house in the puja room. Parad shiv linga can be bought at puja material shop as the size of parad shiv linga is small than 6 inches and can be place in home.

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    Shiva lingam can be kept in the home.Regular Abhishekham with water can be performed.
    The chanting of MAHAMRITYUNJAYA MANTRA for 108 times is said to be good.

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