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    What is the role of Mahila mandal?

    We hear about the mahila mandal in India. What is their role in the society and how do they assist women.
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    There are number of programs for women and girls, which include informal social service clubs called mahila mandals, schemes for helping rural women with problems of motherhood, and programs that make education available to girls from economically disadvantaged families. Grants-in-aid...

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    Hi Spandana,

    Mahila Mandalas are voluntary service organizations which work for the betterment of the women in the villages of India. These rural women are interested in working together with the help of Gram Sevikas, Mukhya Sevikas, Supervisor, and Program Officer.

    This comes under the ministry of Women and Child Development and is in the custody of the state government. These women work for the betterment of other women and children who need Nutrition education, family welfare, food storage and help them also in immunization of children, small saving accounts of women, provision of bathrooms, smokeless chulhas, women crafts centre, and balwadis.

    Registered Mahila Mandals have representatives across all sections of the society and they can have an executive committee upto 5 members. The government pays them an amount for the training of upto 5 members of each new mandal and also pays for the basic equipments and stationery etc.

    The Objectives of these Mahila mandalas are
    1. to make women self reliant and conscious of their human and constitutional rights and to put pressure on the state for fulfilling its obligation towards its people.
    2. To nurture women's physical and emotional health.
    3. To provide vocational training and credit facilities to women for self-employment.
    4. To create a sustainable and humane mode of development through people's active involvement in rural Maharashtra.
    5. To create a progressive space in society for all its deprived people, and to specifically resist casteism, sexism, religious chauvinism and homophobia.
    6. To work towards the elimination of discrimination, inequality, intolerance and violence - both, within and outside the home.
    7. To work towards the creation of a society based on equality, freedom, democracy, diversity and peace.

    In short, the Government has started these programs to improve the life of rural women who do not have education and are illiterate. If the women are educated their life and their children will also improve and through that our country.

    Latha Jayaprakash

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    mahila mandal is a group of may b created by themselves just lyk our group of friends..
    In mahila mandal ladies come,njoy ,discuss their ideas without any kind of descrimination...all are treated equally..they start their own sosial project in view of their benfit or also to the area they belong many villages they start a committie in which they contribute to it n than buy thngs of common other case they may also sart a policy..where they invest money..n nyone in need can use that one..
    so in the end i can summariz Mahila Mandal as a gud attempt by the ppl for the welfare of our societies..

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    MOhila Mondal is consists of educated and socialistic ladies who are eager to help destitute ladies from social evils like deserted by husband, mentally and physically tortured by in-laws, raped and helpless ladies. These honorable ladies are selected by various deptts of govt and depends upon the past experience. They personally visit the lady who is in distress and nobody is there to help her. Not only that any lady who is in in problem may take their help for any injustice. It has been established specially poor ladies and financially backward. To help the Mohila Mondal govt provides police escorts and other administrative helps. A special act has been passed in Parliament.NOw this Mondal is acting very actively and poorer ladies is being helped by them.

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