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    Difference between lime and lemon

    What is the difference between lime and lemon? How can we differentiate between them in terms of appearance?
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    Comparing lime and lemon is very different.Lime is more sour than lemon.And it is denser than lemon.Lime have contained more citric acid when compare to lemon.An immature lemon is sour,but once it is matured it will be sweet.

    Lemon having more vitamin C and vitamin A than lime.

    Lime is small and we can see thick flesh inside when cut it.Comparitively lemon is big and having less flesh.


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    If you want to compare Lime and Lemon, As lime is a fruit and also a name of alkaline (Calcium Carbonate). If you want to compare with lime fruit then lime fruit is not equal to lemon. Size of lime can be small than lemon but also we can see small lemon. As lime is much sore then lemon and generally use to make a pickle of it. Lemon also use to make a pickle but we can use the juice for various purposes.

    If you can to compare lime (Calcium Carbonate) with lemon then this is the totally opposite both of them. As lemon contains a acid and lime contains a alkaline. if we mix them then it become a salt named calcium citrate.

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    Dinesh Sood

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