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    How to make the bootable pendrive

    I want to format my pc through Pen drive
    so that Want to make bootable pen drive

    Thank you,
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    Hello Prasannajit!

    Follow the following steps to make your pen drive bootable:

    1) First download the MakeBootable software;

    2) Before running this software, make sure that your USB drive must be in FAT file system not in FAT32 or NTFS file system;

    3) Run the MakeBootable exe file-->Select the USB device you wish to make bootable-->Click on Make Bootable button;

    4) You need to change the booting order in the System BIOS. Select the USB Device as the First Boot Device in the boot order;

    With Best Wishes!
    Sanjiv Sinha

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    To make bootable the pen drive follow these steps

    1.MakeBootable consists of a single executable file .
    2.Run the MakeBootable executable file. the USB device you want to make bootable. Click on the "Make Bootable" button to begin the process.

    Now you need to change the boot-up setting in the system BIOS.
    Restart your system. Select USB Device as First Boot device in the boot device priority. If the boot-up files are created in the USB drive, select USB-HDD or USB-ZIP (preferred).

    Once done, save and exit the BIOS setup. Now, you should be able to boot up with your USB device.


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    Pen Drives can be made bootable in a number of ways like using any software for copying the boot files into the flash drive or otherwise program it on your own using the system files of your existing operating system in use to make that happen. Making a pendrive bootable is very useful in terms of recovery or repairing the operating system in case of any error that might have crept in to the system files. Although this can be done without using any specialized software, you may however consider taking the help of one such tool. The reason behind this is that software that are available for use to make a pendrive bootable are ready-to-use type of applications and can do the job for you at the expense of a single click. So, it is quite reasonable to make use of such products available for download to save your time and effort.

    One of the best tool for making pendrive bootable is the MakeBootable which is a freeware tool and can be easily downloaded from the Internet. One of the key feature of using the tool is that you can make any pendrive bootable without even erasing any of its contents. It is very portable in the sense that it is a standalone application and need not be installed in order to use it. This is a great feature as it can also be used in Guest accounts with no Administrative privilege on the user account. However, it is compatible with only FAT and NTFS file system and hence if the file system of your pendrive is anything other than those two, you may need to convert it to its compatible form before trying to use the tool on the said pendrive.

    Steps to make a USB Flash drive or Pendrive bootable using MakeBootable tool

    1. First of all download the MakeBootable tool from the website mentioned in the reference link below.

    2. Now run the MakeBootable executable to open the 'MakeBootable Device' window.

    3. It will now display all the flash drives attached to the USB port. Select the device which you want to make bootable by clicking on it.

    4. Now, simply click on the 'Make Bootable' button available at the bottom of the window and the process of converting the flash drive into bootable device will be initiated.

    5. After the process is completed, you can use it as a bootable device. However, you may need to make the USB Flash drive as the first boot option before you can actually start using it on that system. To do so, go to the BIOS settings and change the options accordingly depending on the type of BIOS installed in your system.
    The download link of the MakeBootable tool is mentioned in the reference link below. Just download the ZIP archive file and extract the MakeBootable.exe file using WinZip to use it for your purpose.

    Chharugh S. Konwar

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