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    How to prepare gate exam.

    hello sir,
    I devika pursuing b-tech 3/1 in hyderabad. i didnt went any coaching for gate so i want go in 3/2 sem. how to prepare gate exam,we have any tips for preparing for that exam.
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    Hi Devika,

    GATE exam is totally about testing your engineering funamental or basic.It tests you on your basic of engineering.I am providinf few tips that will help you to prepare for GATE exam.
    1-Syllabus-Choose the books of subjects that you have taken.
    2-Devide the books into two categories.
    (a)-Fundamental and basic concepts. (b)-Problem based.
    (c)-Some books consisting some extra knowledge.
    (d)-Some books consisting previous question papers.
    (e)-Some books for guiding you for GATE exam.
    3-Keep contact with experts and The persons who have given these exams.
    4-Start from first chapter.
    5-Try to solve more and more problems that will make your mind sharp for those subjects and As the timw will go on ,you will become more and more expert of that subject.
    6-Conduct self test by using previous year papers.
    If you follow these simple procedures then on the exam day,you will be at your best and no one can stop you.

    Best Regards

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    The Question of GATE exam is basically from the stream you have opted in your So to score good marks concentrate on your subjects because most of the questions are coming from your subjects.
    Also solved some previous year papers you will get the clear idea of the pattern and the type of questions they will ask in examination.
    Below is the previous year paper link of GATE Exam For All Branches

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    GATE is a worthwhile exam for an engineer as one with higher qualification have more advantage and attractive pay options than a B.Tech in the same Discipline. One should prepare with utmost dedication and positive attitude regardless of the Competition and standard of Questions asked in the examination. To get into M.Tech in a Good and well-known institute- Reasonable percentile is sufficient,But Admission in Institutes of national Importance like IITs and others can be achieved only through High percentile score in GATE Examination, which demands utmost dedication and serious preparation.

    3/4 Months of Serious and Planned study is enough for preparation.

    Proper Strategy is essential: Choose the subject and study as per the syllabus mentioned.

    Collect the syllabus and Relevant study material:

    1. Text Books and Standard Reference Books
    2. Books for Fundamental and basic concepts
    3. Books for specific problems
    4. Guide book with Model questions for testing preparation
    5. Previous exam question papers (essential, as most of questions every year are repeated from previous papers in same or similar form)
    6. Experienced persons for proper guidance like professors who can be approached for doubt clarifications and for getting clarity of the subject.


    1. The Questions being asked in GATE are of extreme high standard and one cant answer them with out a firm hold of the basics and concepts in the subject. Especially revision is very important and the basic concepts, Important formulae and other equations need to be revised from time to time.

    2. Old Question papers, Other papers of similar standard like UPSC Civil Services exam and IES exam will help alot in taking practice tests and revising concepts. one gets familiar with the type of questions asked in the exam using this strategy. They also help one to assess themselves their suitability and level of preparation for the examination.

    3. More time in preparation needs to be given for Reasoning, Practical Applications of the Concepts and Numerical Problems as they carry more weightage in the examination.

    4. Timely doubt clarification while giving practice tests and also during the study is very essential.

    5. There is a negative marking in GATE. so, its important how many questions are correctly answered than How many questions are attempted. So, One should not waste time in a single question if the same is taking too much time. Easy ones can be answered first followed by the difficult ones. This strategy helps alot in saving time and for cross checking the answers in the end.

    General Aptitude Section in GATE:

    This section is introduced from 2010 GATE as a mandatory part for all disciplines. This section carries around 20 marks, mandatory for all disciplines and contains questions on numerical ability, reasoning and English language and Vocabulary.Old CAT Question papers can help alot in revising concepts on Grammar, Sentence Completion, Verbal Analogies, Word Groups, Critical Reasoning, Instructions, Verbal deductions and vocabulary and Numerical Ability.

    *When the time is less, Quality is more important than preparation and revision too to have a solid basis on the things learnt.

    *Answering every Question in GATE paper is not possible. so, its better to know How many questions need to be attempted in each section to reach minimum qualification cut off. Better to leave the ones taking too much time as there is a negative marking (1/3) and also this time can be utilized in answering many easy questions.

    *Two marks linked answer questions and general Aptitude are known to be very crucial in the GATE as per expert analysis. and hence these requires more emphasis while preparation.

    *Almost all the engineering disciplines have 15% weightage for maths subject, so solid foundation of maths learnt in First year of engineering is essential to crack this section.

    Some Tips for the examination:

    1. Start your preparation from the basic topics and make a habit of noting down Things (definitions, Units, Dimensions, theories n Formulae etc..)

    2. Solve as many problems as possible. the more you solve, the more tricks you get to know and make a note of the LOGIC of solving a specific problem.They will save time in examination hall.

    3. Conduct self-tests with difficulty levels, based on various chapters and syllabus (part and whole syllabus).

    4. Revise the entire course before one month of the examination and do it as many times as possible. Your notes (From step 1 and step2) will surely be your Good Friend in the last minute.

    5. Concentrate more on selected topics during revision. These can be the topics from which more questions appeared in previous papers or the topics which demand in-depth understanding and application of logic.

    6. Manage time well during the examination and don't concentrate or spend too much time on a particular question if you are stucked.

    7. Stay cool so that you won't get confused while answering the question paper.

    8. Always attempt the questions which are known well and confident. Most importantly read the question carefully and apply proper logic before marking the answer (Most of the questions in GATE paper aren't actually difficult, but confusing)

    9. keep negative marking in mind and hence do not attempt unnecessary questions which you aren't confident of and which could cost your score.

    10. Selective and accurate preparation is very helpful than trying to get the grip over entire syllabus, especially when the time is less.

    Most important : Have a balanced mind and flexible time plan and Reach Examination centre well-early as last minute hurry could disturb the mood and will cause silly mistakes in the examination.

    Good Luck!

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