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    Can we trace mobile by using imei number

    i lost my mobile nokia6233, its imei number is 356283019700113,

    give me suggestions , how to trace , if possible.
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    Ofcourse we can trace any mobile phone with the unique IMEI number.

    When we make a call to anyone in the system of company the IMEI number and all other information recorded automatically. If any person use the lost mobile use in any network we can know from the companies to check the data. But we should contact with all the service providers.

    But in case of theft case then the thief can change IMEI number of mobile phone as there are some device also available that can change the IMEI number. The IMEI number checking is very lengthy process and we can not get it easily but in the foreign countries any body can get this facility easily. All the mobile available at grey market 90% of theft cases. We can not get mobile phone back it theft by someone.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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    The only way to get back your mobile phone is to register a complaint to police bring your original bill for registering complaint and when the lost or stolen phone was used by anyone the IMEI number is reflected to the network provider. If you had registered complaint, the police will give your IMEI number to all network providers in India to check someone is using it if some one use your phone then their address and location details are given to police immediately then they will track and catch the theif. But in practical this is not done for a common public if you know some higher officials in the department then you may get otherwise your complaint will reside in station itself.
    Regards,Ranganathan Gold member of ISC

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    You can definately trace your phone using IMEI number.If you have lost your mobile then you should follow these steps which I am going to tell you.
    1-The first thing you have to do is to contact your service provider and tell them to block your number so that it cannot be use for illegal activities.
    2-For tracing your mobile,you must have it's IMEI number.
    IMEI is a International Mobile Equipment Identity number.
    It is used for finding identity of any mobile.
    3-If a call is made then IMEI number will be automatically electronicaly transmitted.It will be transmitted as many times as numer of times call is made.
    4-The transmitted IMEI number has information about origin,model and the serial number of the mobile.The IMEI number will be logged on SIM card then the cellular operator can locate that perticular area in which the phone is being used.
    5-Then you have to go to police station for ragistering a complaint about this.
    6-Then you should contact your mobile operator and you should request them for tracing your phone by givimg them your IMEI number.
    This is the way to find your Mobile using your IMEI number.

    Best Reagards

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    IMEI is international mobile equipment identity which is unique for each mobile. IMEI numbers of all the mobiles are stored in the database has known as EIR that is, Equipment Identity Register. It consists of three list

    White list
    Black list
    Grey list

    The first thing you have to do when you lost your mobile is report to local police station. They will black list your IMEI. After this no, one can use your mobile.

    We can see many articles regarding mailing to It is not working. So report to your local police station.


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    Just contact the service providers for more information. If the phone is working then it can be sort out otherwise it cannot.
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    Yes the Mobile can be traced by IMEI number. You need to approach the nearest police station and lodge an FIR of your lost phone along with the documents like purchase bill and IMEI No. The police will do the rest and will ask the service providers to track the phone where it is being used.

    Practically speaking it is very difficult to get your mobile number back. There are so many hurdles that you will give up in between and will not be interested any more to get your mobile back.

    When you will go to a police station they will be least interested in lodging an FIR for your mobile.

    The police will ask for so many documents and details that you will be so discouraged to lodge a complaint.

    The police of our nation is so busy with other big issues that they do not have enough time and manpower to look into these petty issues like mobile thefts or loss.

    Of course you can give them the written complaint about your mobile so that if it gets into the hands of anti social elements you will not be targetted by the police.

    Always make sure that you have called the customer care to block your number as soon as you have lost your mobile.

    Friend if you have patience and time to invest then surely you can get some clue about your mobile otherwise as usual you have to bear the loss of your mobile and stay silent.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rajesh Rana

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    Yes,we can trace our stolen or missing mobile by using IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity number)number.If you don't know your IMEI number.Press *#06# in your mobile hand set, IMEI number will be displayed on your mobile hand set.Keep it safely. This number is unique number for each mobile.

    In case of your Mobile stolen, you need to do these things.

    1. Lodge FIR for your stolen mobile hand set.In FIR please get it note IMEI Number, Color , Make & Date of Purchase.

    2. Ask your service provider to block your SIM Card. If stolen mobile is switched off service provider can't trace it.

    3. Now tell them your hand set IMEI number they will lock your hand set & get it traced.

    All the Best


    Bhupender Bhutani

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    "IMEI" number or "International Mobile Equipment Identity" number is a unique number for a particular mobile phone, whenever phone is on and even if no SIM card is inserted, our mobile phone sends a link signal to its nearest mobile tower (or BTS device) this packet of signal sent by phone to tower is marked with IMEI number in it, this link is established by our phone to tower is for making an emergency call...This IMEI number reach the tower and from there to the mobile operator or owner of the tower. DoT (Department of Telecommunication) at any time can demand it from operator in special investigation purpose and like that mobile can be traced just by IMEI in it even without SIM card...

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    Report it to the service provider or police, they can track it ...... if its switched on.

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    You can trace your mobile by using IMEI number.

    Check your mobile status here : Check Your Mobile Status


    Thanks & Regards,

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    Before that you should note your mobile IMEI number. Then only you can find.
    Thanks & Regards,

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