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    Motherboard serial number

    how to get motherboard serial number from command prompt
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    Not possible, you have to open up your CPU cabinet and then look out for the number you are searching for.
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    You will not get motherboard serial number using command prompt. Sometimes opening CPU cabinet will not be useful because many manufacturers simply don't print on the motherboard their name or the model name. Usually warranty is void if you open your computer.

    But it is possible to find your motherboard serial number using certain software. HWiNFO32 is such a software. You can download it from;1

    Install the software and open it.

    Expand the "Motherboard" entry, and then the "SMBIOS DMI" by clicking on "+" signs. Click on "Mainboard" and read the "Mainboard Serial Number" on the right panel.


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    We can not get motherboard serial number using command prompt. A command can be useful named "dxdiag.exe" it provide all the information about system and check all the parts but it can not provide the motherboard serial number. Machine MAC Number can be accessed using command prompt.

    To know the motherboard serial number you should open the CPU or install the software. To download the software you can visit the referred url.

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    Hi Dear

    Not any command for knowing motherboard serial number but i have 2 ways for solving this problem

    1)Open to device manager by lots of way (like-right click on computer select manage and select device manager)

    2) Open to display driver properties and here see the motherboard number.


    1) In booting time press Pause button and see the motherboard name and number, Processor and RAM speed and lots of more.

    Thanks for read

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    Download Speecy software from use it to find your system details

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