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    The end of Kalyug

    When will Kalyug come to its end.
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    Like other yuga Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dvapara Yuga, kali yuga is one which we are living.

    The time period of kal yuga is 432,000 years. We hindu believe that it is a dark yuga when Kalki avatar(10th avatar of Lord Vishnu) will appear and destroy the bad human at once.

    Kal yuga had started in 23 January 3102 BC.

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    These days the the passing time of the kalyug is the childhood. According to shastras the age of the kalyug is more than 400000 years.

    At the end of kalyug there will be Kaling Avtar of God as told in vedas and shastras.

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    Dinesh Sood

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    As per the Hindu mythology, "Manvantara" is the Unit of time measurement. 16 Manvantharas makes one "Kalpa" (A day of Brahma).

    Present kalpa is "Sweta varaha kalpa"

    Each Manvantara is presided by a specific "Manu", apart from all deities.

    Vishnu purana has the mention up to Seven Manvantaras, The first manvantara being the one ruled by "Swayambhuwamanuvu"- The First Living being on this earth created by Supreme Creator, Brahma.

    The present Manvantara we live in, is the 7th manvantara Ruled by "Waivasvata manu" and Kaliyuga is included in the same, which is still in the first quarter of its operation.

    As Lord Krishna enlightened Arjuna in Bhagavadgita- "Whenever Dharma or the situation or Law and order are endangered, I incarnate on to this world to destroy the evil elements, to protect the Good and to re-start the creation".

    So, The present kaliyuga is believed to end with the incarnation of Lord Vishnu for the tenth time on this earth in 'Kalki Avatar" - seated on a white horse with sword brandishing like a comet. He shall come finally to destroy the bad, wicked, restore the purity of conduct in the Life of people and re-starts the creation.

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    kalyug for any person can end just a moment he starts doing pious works , gives up selfishness and starts doing some thing for others.It is sat,so satyug starts for the peson.

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    According to GOD's saying in Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, "Jab Jab dharma ki ati Glani hogi, tab ek sat dharma ki sthapan karne Bharat me main aaoonga"..

    The time which mentioned is currently running as all dharma gets some what dirty and people are suffering more and more now a days. So its proper time for GOD to come on the earth to cultivate all his children from the sorrow to the world full of joy, peace and happiness which is only possible when Satyuga comes.

    Hence this is very near time to end of Kalyuga and upcoming new Golden aged World called Satyuga. GOD says change your self towards positivity and fill up with virtues as soon as possible as world's end will be in nearer future.

    So as per his promise, he is already on earth in India. If anyone really want to know about it and want to realise it, just visit any branch of Brahmakumaris spiritual University. They are providing all the basic knowledge of ourselves as well as GOD and its realization.

    Lets together make a difference to the world by helping GOD for the task of World transformation.

    Have a happy moments of realizing GOD..

    Best wishes
    Janak Jivani

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