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    How to reduce weight in 10 days

    I am a school student and my weight is 55kg , I dont get time to work out as I come home at 8 in evening. And now I have got my first term holidays and I want to reduce my weight in 10 days. Can you suggest me some healthy diet that would not effect my health?
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    You can use the following steps to reduce weight in 10 days.

    1. Drink clean water at least 10-12 glass per day.
    2. Eat 80% food of your need at a time.
    3. Juice fast is the best to reduce weight.
    4. Eat fresh fruits and boiled vegetables.
    5. Orange juice the best for vitamin c and it can be eaten directly.
    6. Low fat milk is best for reduce weight as milk contains all necessary minerals and vitamins expect vitamin c.
    7. Avoid junk food like burger, noodles etc.
    8. Eat green leafy salad containing spinach, cucumber etc.
    9. Lemon tea is the best to reduce weight.
    10. Drink water containing lemon is the best to reduce weight.
    11. Early morning take a glass of water along with one lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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    Well this is pretty difficult task to reduce weight in 10 days. But as Dinesh suggested you to increase the liquid food in your diet. Strictly say NO to Sweets, Tea, Coffee and any oily food. These things really help you to reduce your body weight. And don't do dieting I mean not to reduce the quantity of food in your daily diet if you do so then it will be a big problem for you. Increase fruits in your diet. And try to have dark green leafy veggie. And do atleast 15-20 mins brisk walking in the morning. Drink lots of water. And one of the most important aspect is that is you have any stress then reduce it first.

    Bhawna Shah

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    1) Drink more water around 3Liter daily.
    2) Reduce Rice, oily food, Non veg, junk food burger etc.
    3) Drink more juice and lemon water, lemon tea.
    4) Morning Go for 30min brisk walking.
    5) Avoid sweets.

    regards, selvamani

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    You are a school student.. It is very easy for you to run and ride bicycle...

    1. Ride Bicycle for atleast 10kms a day in the evening.

    2. Running (moderate speed) continuously in a ground for atleast 2 hour a day in the early morning.

    3. Diet control

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    It is not possible to reduce your weight in 10 days. It take at least 25 days or 1 month to reduce.
    You can be on fast if you really want to reduce your weight fast.
    drink a lot of water, do some daily exercises early in the morning.
    Don't eat fatty foods like burger, pizza chicken etc.
    Eat less protein foods.
    You can also go for jogging early in the morning to reduce weight fast.
    Hope this helps you.

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    Hai friend,

    Your demand is good , but we can realize it is not a good thing to reduce weight in 10 days when we think just think that how much time you taken to gain this much weight in this early stage.It might not be like 5 kg in a week.So, be patient and give some time to reduce your weight.Other wise, it will gain back to your body in that much fast.i.e.It won't be a permanent weight lose.And alert to over eating and understand the risks that if you are not doing regular exercises.

    So don't worry you can do reduce your weight by change your diet and eating habits as given below and shall stay in a controlled weight for ever.It won't going to grab your all study time.Give daily 20 to 30 minutes time to do exercise.

    You can go through the below eating habits,you will find the result.

    a)Space meals evenly.
    Keep meals approximately the same size, spaced evenly through the day. Don't skip meals. It makes fattening snacks tempting
    b)Plan snacks.
    Save part of your calorie allowance to snack later on, instead of going off your diet.
    c)Eat slowly.
    Chew each mouthful thoroughly. Put down your fork frequently. Stop eating when you feel full.


    1.Take leafy vegetables regularly (Spinach, fenugreek leaves,coriander leaves, curry leaves, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower), cooked rice, raw foods like gourd, cucumber etc. It is better avoid old foods and only take fresh foods and have cooked food at least within 3 hours because later they lose its quality and lead to unhealthy problems.

    2. Change your eating habits: Eat in right quantity at right timings. Half of the stomach should be reserved for food, one-fourth for beverages and remaining one-fourth should be left for air.

    3.Have plenty of high fiber contained fruits like pomegranate, guava, papaya etc daily in empty stomach and drink enough water early morning and half an hour before your meals. Don't drink water in between your meals.

    4.Include dry fruits and nuts in your daily diet instead of meat and try various salads in your diet like follow. Mix with soaked and budded bengal gram and moong dal, pepper, lemon juice (2 spoons), olive oil (1 spoon), enough salt and chopped onions.Make it as one time meal.

    5.Use olive oil instead of high cholesterol oils like palm oils.

    6.Use fresh juices and pure water in right quantity in spite of other artificial juices and soft drinks.

    7.Strictly reduce the timings of food as three and while eating you should chew the food properly. It helps to digest easily and avoid constipation.

    8.Do regular exercises like Soorya-Namaskar and some special yoga asanas which make strengthen your digestive organs and helps to reduce weight.You should take water or food only after exercise 20 or 30 minutes later.


    9.Nowadays we take too much trash foods like canned, packed, frozen, fried and baked items. If we are also not doing enough exercise to burn our extra fat, it will form fat body & flabby abdomen.So should not consume trash foods like said above.

    10.Avoid non veg foods and other foods which contained preservatives and chemical additives.

    11.Minimize the usage of free sugar as much as possible and also skip the biscuits, ice creams , diet soda , soft drinks (pepsi,coco cola,merinda ect.)and sweets which contained artificial sugars

    12.Don't sleep in excess. Sleep maximum 8 hours or minimum 6 hours.

    13.Avoid the habit of taking snacks in several intervals.

    14.Keep away from needless drugs.

    15.Avoid chocolates contained cocoa butter.

    16.Avoid butter or take monthly.

    17.Keep away from Margarine, lard.

    18.Give up creamed items and souses.

    * And try this special yoga exercises to reduce your weight and abdomen exercise to reduce weight

    * Read more about your weight You and your weight

    * Read about to reduce fat body and big stomach

    "Select your healthy foods and do exercises and achieve your controlled weight"

    Thanks and regards

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    1. Start your day with Hot water with lemon and honey. Add 1 lemon juice and 1/4th teaspoon of pure honey in hot water and drink this empty stomach. Have your breakfast half an hour after you had this drink. You can continue to follow this even during your school days. On a long run this will help you maintain your weight.

    2. Drink hot water (hot to the extent that you can bear it and not burn your tongue) instead of just plain water during the day whenever possible.

    3. Do some aerobics/exercise. If you do not have time, include physical activities like walking, climbing stairs instead of using lifts etc in your daily routine. Try to take 10 minutes in the morning from your daily routine and do skipping everyday. Do it for 400 counts (100 count in each rep and do it 4 times)

    4. Reduce intake of soda (cold drinks), fast foods, chips etc which adds upto unnecessary calories. Carry a water bottle of 1-2 litres with you and whenever you are hungry have water. Most of the time what we think of hunger is thirst but we load ourselves with unnecessary calories. Carry your lunch box and snack box from home. You can carry sandwich, fresh fruits with you and munch on it whenever you are hungry.

    5. Do not have rice for dinner. Substitute milk with skimmed milk, white bread with whole grain bread/chapati. Avoid frozen foods and have it fresh.

    6. Since you are school going kid, have minimum 8 hours of sleep everyday. Lack of sleep can make you fat too

    7. Since you are a kid get involved in outdoor games rather than sitting at home and watching TV!!


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    Oho poor champ you cant loose much in 10 days. You will think that you have loosen those fats but actually it just only suppressed and it will grow faster after 10 days. Sorry but I would suggest you to stick to have nice breakfast. Bowl of oat meal and a banana. Avoid fried potato and take Dal as much as you can.

    Best idea is to sleep in saant position on the floor and breath in and out for 20 secs each. Do it for 25 mints and see the results.

    Drink warm water with honey and lime and skipping for 15 mints.

    Do this regularly to loose weight and maintain standard figure.

    Editor in Review, Forum & Community

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    Hi friend,

    don't worry, i have a right way to show you

    my answer will not make you bore as it is very simple!

    Take 100gm of immeresed soya beans in water, 4 time a day. Exclude all other foods.

    Practically i saw fat to lean individuals by eating soya beans!

    You may felt somewhat hard to swallow soya, but it is very effective.

    Take care!

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    I am also suffering from the problem of overweight. I want to ask from Mr. Anand, that is it possible to reduce weight with the diet suggested by him. I want him to elaborate his diet. Does he means that one has to be entirely on this diet for reducing weight and for how many days one should follow this diet? I also want to know that what if, after coming back to normal diet one gets back all the lost weight. Please throw a light on this.

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    Change your Eating and Drinking Habits

    Reduce OR significantly eliminate RED MEAT

    Build your meals around fish and poultry.

    Always keep your temptation at bay and reduce poor fast food and other dishes at the restaurants. These foods are full of calories, over-sized and very high in fat content.

    Keep away the fried foods.

    Always have lot of salads or cup of soup for starters before the meals. This habit will help in weight loss because it will curb your hunger, prevent you from over-eating.

    After your meals do not go for for high calorie sweet dishes or dessert. Ensure that you are taking naturally-sweet fruits.

    Keep a distance from Sodas and Colas. They have a large amount of calorie. Changing your drinking habit is important because we can consume lot of calories by drinking without realizing the amount of calories.

    For example, drinking 20 ounces of Coca-Cola will give you 250 calories. If you drink few glasses of Cola your consumption is over 1,000 liquid calories.

    These drinks go straight to your waist!

    Drinking lot of water always help. Follow the thumb rule - eight glasses per day.

    Drinking more water will also help you in reducing the temptation of drinking Colas.
    Avoid alcohol as it has lot of calories and provoke you to eat more.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rajesh Rana

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    The best advice i would give is not to change your eating habits drastically! Because your body is accustomed to your daily routine, so any change all of a sudden will lead to some unwanted consequences.

    I recommend you just to reduce the calorie intake and WORK OUT, thats the best solution for reducing weight, but dont torture your body if your weight doesnt decrease as you want it to.

    It just takes time but eventually you will. If Adnan Sami could do it then so can we all! (no offense).

    All the best

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