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    What is the difference between Warm and Cold Booting?

    What is the difference between Warm and Cold Booting?
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    Warm booting

    - If we restart the computer using any of the Ctrl-Alt-Del or using re-set button or using shutdown command like Shutdown.exe -r then the system restart with warm booting as the power supply of the computer do not shut down for a simple moment.

    Cool booting

    - If we shutdown the computer properly and switch of the main power supply or UPS then we start the computer then it will start using cool booting. As all the power supply and other motherboard resources are start work from cool condition.

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    Cold Boot – Powering ON a computer from a no power state is a cold boot. This is accomplished using the power button in the computer. When a cold boot is done, the memory and the BIOS is reset. Cold boot is also sometimes referred as cold start.

    Warm Boot – Warm boot is when a working computer is restarted. This can either be done using the Restart option from the Start ? Turn Off. Or can also be accomplished by using the key combination, ALT + CTRL + DEL.


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    You have asked about the possible difference between cold booting and warm booting. In this case, if I assume that you are already aware of what actually booting means, it can be easily explained by going through a literal explanation rather than that of technical one. Here there are two terms involved with the word booting i.e. cold and warm. So, if you concentrate in these two terms then you will get the answer on your own. Usually, when the booting is performed while the computer or the CPU is in the cold state than it is accordingly called as cold booting. It means that your computer was off and in the cold state by the time when you turned it on by pressing the power button. This is only a theoretical explanation of the term while it may involve some technical aspects too. In case of warm booting, it is similar to that of the the cold booting but is usually done when the computer is warm i.e. it is already in the running state. This can be characterized by the function of restarting the computer which will refer to the warm booting in its case.

    So, what you can assume regarding the two terms is that when the computer is turned on freshly, it will be regarded as the cold booting. Otherwise, if the computer is already ON and you simply need to restart or reboot it for some purpose, then it would accordingly be called as warm booting. Generally, warm booting is performed in case of any system slow down or as per any installation or configuration requirements. Cold booting is a normal circumstances and would refer to your daily usage when you turn on your computer for using it.

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