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    Which is the best direction to keep feng-shui bamboo plant inside home?

    Help me out.
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    Hi Pamela...
    According to feng shui, the lucky bamboo brings prosperity and fortune to those who keep it. Bamboo plant is a very powerful feng shui element for your indoors as well as a decor item. The Eastern section of your home represents family in Feng Shui so can place a Bamboo plant with three stalks in this area. If you want to invite wealth into your life, the plant should be placed in the wealth area of your home, that is the Southeast.

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    Bamboo plant should be keep anywhere as this plant does not require direct sunlight but a little sunlight is needed. You should need to maintain the temperature between 65-80 to grow the bamboo plant properly. Water used for bamboo plant should be clean and pure.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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