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    How to maintain Sugar Patient health?

    Hello Dr.,
    My Friends Dad aged around 65+, recently had to know that he had diabetics, He is having frequent urination (3 to 4 times) after he went for bed. And also he is getting his body weight reduced gradually.
    They are really worried, how to maintain his health, what food to give him to have sugar level in control, etc..,

    Could you please give an advice?
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    Diabetic Health advice

    Maintain Proper dose of Insulin or Oral Hypoglycemic drugs.
    Regularly check blood sugar and keep it in control atleast once in a month.
    Maintain Diabetic diet.
    Maintain Proper exercise daily
    Regularly go for Opthalmology examination, Kidney examination, Cardiac evaluation with concern specialist atleast once in a year.

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    Dear Aaru ,
    A good question indeed.First,the patient must know what is sugar.when the food you eat is digested ,it must be converted into glucose and absorbed fully into the blood stream - when this does not happen , the excess glucose remains unabsorbed leading to diabetic.As such ,we must basically avoid overeating - we must eat only when it is needed.Especially once you are confirmed to be a diabetic , you must have total control over your intake.If you have control , you can even forego medicines and think of taking sweets to a limited extent.
    next is , every diabetic must do physical exercise necessarily.Depending on the age , we must consult a good physician. In any case , it is advisable to go for brisk walking for 35 the early morning ,without getting diverted - no deviation is allowed.In fact ,it is advisable that we sweat at the end of walking.We must drink lot of water.There must be discipline in food intake - both in quantity and quality.You can eat fresh vegetables , greens , fruits ., etc., Give up rice.Eat 3/4 idlies at 08-09a.m.,;4 chappathies with vegetables and some pieces of raw vegetable.Have a cup of tea at 5.00 p.m., with 2 biscuits. then take 3/4 chappathies/idlies or 2/3 doasa at 08.00 p.m.,Take half a cup of diluted milk.There must be a gap of min.2 hours from last intake and bed time.In acse you feel hungry , there is no harm in taking some pieces of apple or orange in between -never allow yourself to feel hungry - at the same time, donot overeat.

    Apart from this , keep your sugar level always under control - get it checked once in a month.Also test your blood for the average sugar level once in 4 months (HbAlc) - this must be 6-8.
    I suffered for 5 years and could not control sugar levels, as i didnot exercise control over food.But now for the past 6 months , my HbAlc is well within 6/7 only.It is not difficult at all to control your blood sugar levels.Also , last but not the least , you must avoid tension.

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    Dear Aaru,
    I am also diabetic for last 32 yaers and age is 64+.
    At once I would advise to see a specialist doctor on Diabeties. He would advice proper medicines and Diet.As regards reducing weight of your friend's father, doctor will balance the Diet and the medicines taken and I am sure your friend's father will definitely improve on weight.I am telling this cofidently, becouse I also had suffered Loss of Weight considerably.

    Please cosult a Doctor or some renouned Diabetic Reasearch institute immediately. May your friend's father recover soon.

    Jawahar Lall

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    There is many causes but main cause of frequency of micturation is diabetes mellitus and insipidus
    for detail see my blog

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