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    Bonsai culture at home

    How to make a bonsai at home?
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    First of I like to say what is Bonsai culture.
    Bonsai culture is nothing but the art of shaping,pruning living trees constantly.
    Developing Bonsai can be started from stages like layering, nursery stock, cuttings, or from seedlings or grafts.
    Not all leaves are fitfor Bonsai culture.
    Here are some of the leaves that are suited for the purpose,
    1. Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergii)
    2. Short needled spruce
    3. Yew (Taxus bacata)
    4. Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica)
    5. Chinese juniper (Juniperus chinensis)
    6. Trident maple (Acer trifidum)
    7. Beech (Fagus sp)
    8. Birch (Betula sp)
    9. Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia)
    10. Hornbeam (Carpinus sp)
    11. Crab apple (Malus floribunda)
    12. Various species of Prunus, including flowering cherries, peaches and apricots
    13. Wisteria
    14. Rock Cotoneaster (Cotoneaster horizontalis)
    15. Small-leaved species of Azalea

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    For Bonsai, one should select the plant of interest of which bonsai should be prepared. For Bonsai treeming of roots and shoots is very essential so that it's growth will be in control. Change soil regularly.

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    Thanks for the answer. It is good for the begineers. Is there any web site teaching how to grow bonsai?

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    If you cut the tap root of banyan tree aur pipal tree then you will see bonasai effect.

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    Bonsai at home is little bit difficult work for the beginners and also it needs lot of passions and hard work to do.

    Select the plant from the nursery as they have some plants with them which are ideal for Bonsai. Select the [plant with lot of leaves and hard woody stem.

    Select the pot which is appropriate for the size of your plant as the pot have to hold the all weight of the plant and soil so it should be accurate in size. You must have some idea of about the plant to look like since you will have to mould it accordingly.

    Cut the one third part of the root as it is necessary to maintain its Bonsai size. After that its time to give the desired shape to your plant for that the lowest part of the tree should be free of any branches. The middle part should have a few branches that extend in all directions. The top section should have many short branches along with lot of leaves on it you can cut your tree with the help scissors which are specially made for this purpose.

    After completing the cutting potted your plant in the pot with less soil, roots of the plants should be covered by the soil. You can also use the Bonsai dir instead of using simple soil. It is available easily in all the plant nurseries.

    After making your Bonsai it very necessary that you maintain its shape and size for that you can tie the wire around it will help to grow the tree in the same way as you plant. You should trim the leaves regularly for the unwanted growth of them.

    With regards

    Pooja Gupta

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