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    Can I withdraw my PF after resignation from job.

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    Can an employee withdraw his / her PF amount after resignation without the consent of the employer? What should be done if the employer refuses to accept the resignation / removes the resignation letter from the official record?

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    Yes, you can surely withdraw your PF amount after resignation. And about refusal of resignation, you can claim because resignation from a company is you right and you can surely do that.

    My advice to you that not to withdraw your PF amount but to continue it to that place where you should carry on to your next job.

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    You can always claim your provident fund account from your company after resignation.
    First of all,you will need to usually wait for at least two months after your resignation, after which you will need to approach you company regarding this.
    The company will give you a PF claim form.You will need the fill it with you bank account number (where the PF amount will be credited)and submit it back to your company.
    The company will send this form to the regional PF office and this process will usually take 45 working days, after which the money will be deposited into your specified bank account.
    If there is any delay after 45 days, you can always go to the local PF office and inquire about it, quoting your PF account number.
    As long as you have all documents like the original appointment letter and your monthly salary slips,company cannot deny your resignation.
    IF the PF deduction is reflected on you salary slip, then the company is legally bound to oblige to you.
    Double check your salary slip,as the PF account number will definitely be quoted on it.
    In case it is not quoted,then there are chances that the company is not paying the amount to PF office.
    Do not worry,since most of the companies will not do that as it is illegal to deduct PF money from your salary without having a PF account.

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    I am not a Lawyer. But, as much as I have the Knowledge: YES you can withdraw your PF Amount after resignation. Please visit your nearest PF-Office with your latest Pay-Slips and Official documents. It can take maximum of 60-Days to get back your cheque.

    Anindya (Andy)

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    Yes Freind.. You can withdraw your PF because its your money. The suggestion given above is very good not to withdraw but transfer and continue were u go.

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    Yes, you can withdraw your PF amount after resigning the job. But you cannot withdraw the PF amount without the employer's consent. You need to approach to your previous organization to withdraw the PF amount.
    You can withdraw the PF amount only when you are relieved officialy from the company.
    For this you need to have your relieving letter from the previous company as proof. Atlease you should have the email copy of resignation, which you had sent to your manager as a proof of your resignation.
    If you have this you can legally relieve after serving the notice period in the company. Based on this you can fight legally.
    So it is adviceable to send the email copy of resignation to your personal mail ID also as bcc for safer side. Because after you resign, you may not have access to your official mail in worst cases.


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