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    Convert jpg to word doc

    i have question papers.
    i scanned them but it occupies lot of space. so tell me how to convert it to word document so that i can attach the question papers quickly.
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    It is not easy to convert jpg to word doc directly from computer or without use of any software.

    You need software for this purpose.

    One very good software is ABBY FINE reader but I have a doubt that it would avail at free on net.

    But you can use other software as well with OCR technology. OCR is Optical character Recognition converter which is free to use and scanned your image files into word doc. But you also have to take care of formatting because few words and alphabets get distorted which you can replace it easily.

    In this way you would be able to get converted your image to word doc.


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    I think you can't convert jpg to doc.

    If so then try the process.
    1.Right click on the file.
    2.Click on rename.
    3.Give any name but after that you put the execution file name that's doc. e.g:- table.jpg to table.doc

    See if your question paper contains images then sorry i don't think you can able to post image containing question. I tried but I couldn't do it.

    All you have to do is, Just write there that follow the attachment below for the question paper and attach the question paper directly from the driver.

    This is the only way.

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    Try to get an converting software for the file extension .jpg / .jpeg (what ever you have saved it so) to the .doc from the internet.

    You can search the same in Google by using the search string as like "jpg to doc converter" / Jpeg to doc converter Free" etc.,

    Also as said by Gautam jain above, it needs lot of formatting after you convert it to the .doc file. The same thing with the OCR (Optical Character recognition) too which also needs lot of formatting post conversion.

    If you are only concerned with uploading it quickly, Scan the question papers to the .pdf (Portable document format) which would be more easier to navigate through the pages.
    And do a Compress (.Zip) to reduce the size of the file to quicken the uploading.

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    As my knowledge goes. We cannot convert JPG file to Doc. But if you have scanned documents in pdf file format then we can convert it into the Word file format. As the file JPG contains the image of the document. If we use the special software that can pick the data from the image file but you cannot get true and complete information using any of the software. I suggest you in future you should scan your documents in pdf file format or Word file format instead of JPG file folder. Also if you want to save disk space then you can compress files using windows in-built compression technology or you can use Winzip, Winrar and other compression tools that are freely available on Internet for evaluation purpose.

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    hi brother,
    i am telling you answer of your query the best way to convert file extension from jpg to doc is go to internet and search ( free download jpg to doc software ) in google and download that software and after that you can convert your file.

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    You can do it using Adobe Acrobat

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    Try this website , this is a website where you can convert into any format. All you need to do upload the file by clicking on Browse button then choose the required format, that you want to convert". then give you email id and press the button for Done. With in few minutes you will get the email from zamzar and contain the file into it.
    If you have scanned your Question paper and saved them in JPG. and create a PDF and make one PDF by attaching all those JPG files. Through this you will get 1 PDF and it will be easier for you to upload.


    Bhawna Shah

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    Hi Jayakumar

    It is not not possible to convert a .jpg file to .doc, that is a image file cannot be converted to word document.
    But regarding reducing the file size, I prefer you to use photoshop, which can reduce your file size.
    open your existing file in photoshop change the resulution of the file to minimum (arround 100 - 72)then save it, this will reduce the file size.
    If at all you want it in .doc format, then you have to type every thing in ms-word.

    Mehmood Sultan

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    Hi Jayakumar

    You can covert PDF file into DOC by using converter through internet. Go to google and search jpg to doc converter. There are many sites from where you can do this without any charges. Open any converter site and attach you jpg file. It will ask you email id and converted file will be send on you id.

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    If you want to copy text from image and paste it in to Word then we have solution in Microsoft Office 2007 Application name is One note.. it is very easy to use... Procedure to use it is :-

    Copy image in the one note applicaton page and then select the area by dragging down to text till you required and then right click and select copy option and then select another page of one note and select paste text then it will show in text form only without any picture background and then you can paste it in MS word DOC.. Drawback is only one... Sometime it miss the character and it paste data without image font formatting :)

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    it is very very easy skill just scan the question paper in 75dpi resolution in your scanner and just scan it, save it to jpg files. open the word document just insert the image one by one finished
    Note: you can use the crop tool in the picture tool bar and crop to the required space finished
    bye it is very easy
    Even you can save the file as pdf format also

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    its very easy...just go to save as option and remove jpg extension and add doc it will be changed

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    use the Able2Extract_Professional_6.0 software to convert jpeg or PDF(scaned Paper).it is siply to use and convert Scanned Paper.


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    You can try this
    1. open your jpg image file in photoshop..
    2. Save it in pdf format.
    3. Then go to the edit pdf mode
    4. In Pdf editing mode you can select all copy and paste the matter in a word document.I m using acrobat 6.0 professional so this feature is possible i don't know weather it's available in reader versions of adobe.
    5. if this doesn't work then you can easily find a software to convert pdf to doc in google

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    Its very simple to convert a jpg picture in to a word document.
    Steps to be followed:

    1.Open a new word document
    2.Click on the insert option
    3.Then you will get many options like table,picture,clip art,links,shapes..,
    4.Go for picture option
    5.Then open the jpg file you needed to be converted to word document
    6.Adjust the picture using the controls provided
    7.Then save the file as word document file

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    So many answers with only one mentioning about OCR. Well that is the only actual solution for the problem.

    I would request all others who answered, that when people visit this page from outside (through search engines/links) it would not look good if questions are spammed with wrong answers. Kindly put a thought before answering.

    Regarding the question, Well as gautam mentioned, ABBY fine reader is the most popular tool around. But you can get a free one too, though it might be limited in features (eg - no batch file processing). My personal favorite tool for OCR is FreeOCR. It's very lightweight software & runs perfectly in windows XP/Vista/7. Also I have heard recently that it has also been ported to linux.

    While searching, I had got help from this link :Top 5 Free OCR softwares.

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