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    Course after BSc Physics

    Which course can be opted after Bsc Physics?????????? Is MSc Applied Electronics and Msc Electronics same? which is more valuable?
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    Dear Friend,
    B.Sc. is one among the best degree which provide way to both types of courses i.e. Technical and Teaching in future. You may choose any course depending upon your interest and financial conditions. You have not specified your state so the courses explained below may not applicable in your state. First I should tell you that M.Sc. Electronics and Applied Electronics are not the same thing. M.Sc. Applied Electronics is designed for the demand of current market trends while other is the conventional study of electronics. Obviously applied electronics has more scope as it is applicable to both teaching and technical fields, while electronics is mostly applicable to teaching and research purposes.
    Now I will discuss various fields where you may in after Physics : -
    > Astrophysics : - This sector has many job opportunities you may join Astrophysics in any university.
    > Electronics (M.Sc. And B.Tech.) :- Electronics is discussed above and you may join Electronics direct in 2nd year.
    > Applied Electronics (M.Sc. And B.Tech.) :- above discussed And B.Tech. Conditions are applicable to applied electronics also.
    > B.Ed. :- You may join B.Ed. If your financial condition is not stable and instant jobs for B.Ed. Holders are there.
    Best wishes for your future.
    Best Regards,
    Sunil Saharan
    Working for an ideal and peaceful society.


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    After B.Sc physics there are a number of options for the students
    1. Continue to do M.Sc physics,then ph.d or M.phil
    2. Do M.C.A(Master of computer applications)
    3. Do M.B.A(Master of Business administration)
    4. Do M.Sc in specialized subjects such as nuclear physics etc..

    Deenathyalan Arumugam

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    After completing B.Sc. in Physics there is a lot many courses which can be opted. First of all you have to be clear with your future, where you want to see yourself.

    I just list out the scopes:

    1. You want to see yourself as a scientist/Researcher. If you have this goal, then you need to proceed with M.Sc. in Applied Physics, and then go for PHD. Future is secured and chances of getting government jobs are more.

    2. If you want to work as a technology specialist, then you can opt for MCA courses which will open doors for you to work in MNCs as a software professional. Lots of scopes were there; in these types of job you will have lot of work exposures. Even in terms of money this is a very good option. You can also try for some government organizations which makes your job and future secure.

    3. If you are interested in teaching profession then you can go for B.Ed and do specializations in some of the good field. This will make you fit into some good jobs which are available in the market. Scope is tremendous. This profession earns you good respect as well as handsome earnings.

    I hope the above suggestions will be helpful to you in choosing the right career path ahead.

    If you more detailed help about the colleges and subjects please let me, I can guide you accordingly.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ratnesh Moghe

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    Hi there are many options depending on you interest and core strength.You can get into couses like management,teaching and research.
    You can also opt for diploma courses in finance,leather,sugar,packaging courses.No,there is a little difference between the two subjects.Msc Applied Electronics is more valuble.

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