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    How is Koryo Microwave oven

    How is Koryo microwave oven, marketed by Bigbazaar?
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    Hi Tatai,
    Sorry to say but I have not used it yet.
    But I have found review about this Koryo Microwave Oven that has some problem within 10 days of purchasing.
    I suggest you to have a look to this detailed review from one of the purchaser.

    Atul Barapatre

    Er. Atul Barapatre.

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    Ya its a good brand from Japan. Brand receives preference because of its price factor.
    Handling and Maintenance is quite simple and is worth for money.


    Er. Darshik Patel

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    Koryo is nice electronic. My sister is using it from last few years and doesn't have any complains yet.


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    i only know about that is I have basic model of Koryo microwave 20L with griller. The fundamental thing is that the user of the oven should be able to see whats cooking in.

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    It can be used for both reheating as well as cooking.It comes with two year warranty.
    Koryo KMS 1711 Microwave Oven comes with offer Price of Rs. 1,900 .It has 17 Litre Capacity,2 Knobs Mechanical Type Control
    Defrost Setting and 5 Microwave Power Levels .

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    it is good device for entry level consumers to get experience of microwave befor committing huge resources on premiuim product range of microwaves.

    visit for details of company & products

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    hi quistoner,i am prasaanth
    you have asked about Koryo microwave oven.i had heard about this
    this was nice,is safe to handle,easy to handle.i think it uses only less energy.thats all i know about Koryo microwave oven

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    The fundamental thing is that the user of the oven should be able to see whats cooking in.This is a basic model that can be used for both reheating as well as basic cooking. It has a capacity of 17 litres and has just two mechanical knobs. One, for timer and other, for setting the temperature. It comes with a glass tray inside. It has 5 level microwave setting, defrost setting. It looks a little old-fashioned but seems quite sturdy. It is very good for re-heating food and for preparing coffee/Tea.
    It took me 2 minutes to teach my father how to use it and even with his frequent memory lapses, he seems to do it right. All that he has to remember is the duration for which he has to set the timer for each function. So far there has been no problem, even after 6 months. It comes with two year warranty and good after sales service.
    If you are looking for simplicity and functionality for a reasonable price then this multi-mate Koryo microwave is the model for you.

    Ready for sale micro wave oven. Branded Koryo. Very good usage condition, for sale. Price for sale for Rs.2,000/-. Very comfortable for usage, quick heat process.

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