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    How to maintain shining skin during winter season?

    Suggest some good branded skin care gel to maintain skin during winter season.
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    Here are some of them-
    1. Pond cold cream
    2. Charms Antioxidant Moisturizing Cold Cream (Colgate-Palmolive Products)
    3. Nyle Cold cream (Calvincare Products)
    4. NouriFusion MultiVitamin Moisturizer SPF 15( Herbalife products)
    5. Jasco Organic(Jasco Nutri Foods Products)
    6. Cutii cream (Ashian Herbex Ltd)
    You will able to have the details or information if you can visit a beauty parlour or to a good cosmetic shop.

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    Apply a spoonful of milk and honey to your face and wash with warm water. It surely maintains and gives you bright skin during winter season.
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    . Apply coconut oil to body before bath. Keep it for some time & then have bath
    . Use standard cold creams like ponds, nivea, borolene, lakme
    . Avoid excess use of soap as it makes skin dry. Use mild soaps
    . Drink a lot of water & eat more salad, fruits
    . Apply milk cream to face, lips before bath
    . Apply vaseline, petroleum gel to body before going to bed

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    Apply honey and lemon.Take a table spoon of honey and add lemon juice of one lemon in it and apply on your face it gives glow to your face and also help to protect your skin from darkness due to sun light.

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    In winter season irrespective of gender every one faces problems regarding skin . Comparative to oily skin people who have dry skin they faces a lot of problems . Problems like wrinkling,rashes etc.

    Some of the products which will help your skin in winter season are :

    1. Lakme winter cream
    2. Garnier winter cream
    3. Ponds winter cream
    4. Olay winter cream
    5. Vaseline body lotion
    6. Peach & Avocado body butter
    7. Sweet Pea winter elegance pink - Diana seed
    8. Care plus cold cream
    9. Acti moist body care
    10 Boroplus healthy & fair herbal winter cream

    Some of the tips like :-

    1. Sugar/salt mixed with body oil or a good body scrub in the shower,which helps circulation and leaves skin a healthy pink color.
    2. Apply moisturizer after bath.
    3. Its better to go for lukewarm water rather than steaming hot shower.
    4. Drink lot of water to keep skin healthy,hydrated,and toxin free.
    5. Massage your body with olive oil daily to keep your skin young.
    6. Apply almond oil or butter or milk cream or coconut oil on your body.




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