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How to make chiken dum biryani?

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how to make chiken dum biryani?

Author: Sree    23 Nov 2010      Member Level: Silver     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0


Ingredients :-

1. Chicken
2. Onions
3. Tomatoes
4. Coriander leaves
5. Mint leaves
6. Cloves
7. Nutmeg
8. Cinnamon
9. Cardamon
10. Bay leaf
11. Curry leaves
12. Poppy seeds
13. Cashew nuts
14. Ghee
15. Coconut
16. Ginger
17. Garlic
18. Biryani color (yellow and orange)
19. Salt
20. Red chill powder
21. Turmeric powder

Paste :- coconut ,ginger and garlic paste.

Process :- Here their are two steps to follow.You have to cook rice and chicken curry separately and then u have to mix it.
First step :-
1. Firstly you have to cook rice either in cooker or electric cooker.
Second step :-
2.Take a pan with oil and ghee.after it gets heated add cloves,nutmeg,cinnamon,cardamon,bay leaf,poppy seeds,curry leaves,mint leaves,cashew nuts.After it gets fried then add chopped onions , when the color changes to light brown then add chopped tomatoes,salt,red chill powder,turmeric powder.After it gets smashed fully ,then add coconut and ginger and garlic paste.Then add chicken to it.For 5 min leave the chicken like that and add water in which chicken should be boiled.Lastly add coriander leaves which will be colorful.
3.Take two small cups and take the biryani colors separately and add water in it.

Now take a big bowl in which you have to mix chicken curry and rice.Firstly spread rice in that bowl then biryani color and chicken curry,again on that chicken spread rice,then color,then chicken curry.If you will spread all these on one by one
then chicken dum biryani is ready.



Author: Sethuraman    23 Nov 2010      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0


Dum briyani is one of the spicy food which originated from Hyderabad. It contains lots of spicy ingredients which keeps your tongue watery. Here I ll guide you to make spicy Briyani
Steps followed to make Dum briyani.,

1.)Ingredients required

a) Chicken Flesh -- 1 kg(if boneless it gives good taste)
b) Puthina -- 100 grams
c) spice leaves -- small Qty
d) Chilli -- 100 grams
e) ginger -- 100 grams
f) onion -- 200 grams
g) tomato -- 100 grams
h) curd -- 100 ml
i) oil -- 200 ml
j) basmati rice -- 1 kg
g) Masala Powder -- 50 grams
h) kesar powder -- 10 grams

2.) How to prepare Briyani

a.)Keep the vessel along with the oil
b.)Put the onion which is cut into small pieces along with the garlic and ginger paste
c) Then mix pudhina and put the chicken and start boiling
d) Add curd into it and pour 500 ml of water and close
e) then add basmati rice and mix it well along with the masala powder and kesar powder. Add salt according to your quantity

f)after half cooked close the vessel and keep some coal over it and keep it warm
BY these instructions you can prepare a good, delicious , spicy Dum briyani

Author: Mandar Patil    03 Dec 2010      Member Level: Silver     Points : 5  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

4)Chilli-50gms(as per your need).
7)Pudina, Coreander-leaves-50gms.
8)Spicy leaves.
9)Basmati rice-(as per your requirement).
10)Masala powder.

Pocedure to make Dum biryani
1)Keep the vessel on the flame.Pour some oil in the vessel.
2)Put the Onion,Geera,Garlic and Ginger paste,Capcicum in the vessel.Allow it to cook for 5-10 minutes.
3)Now put the chicken pieces.Keep the lid on the vessel and allow it to boil.
4)When it gets boiled add Basmati rice and masala powder and salt(as per your need). You can add the chicken masala powder to it.
5)Add one teespoon of lemon-juice and curd to make it more tasty.
6)keep the biryani on low flame for some time.
When your delicious Dum biryani is ready Serve it and enjoy it.
Try as early as possible.

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