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    How to reduce weight?

    I have gained weight within an year. I was doing yoga prior to 2 years and since stopping it, started to gain weight in these 2 years. Last year, went to a gym for one month and reduced 2 kgs. I have an apple-shaped structure, which I understand puts me at risk for heart diseases. As I cannot allot much time for doing yoga due to my present commitments, can you advise me any simple exercises/walking? For how much time a day should walking/yoga be done? Any other solution to weight loss?
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    to reduce your weight follow the following tips

    1)do fast walk for 1hr a day
    2)do pranayama postures of kapala bathi,bhastrika,anuloma viloma shuddi under the guidance of an able guru
    3)avoid eating bakery foods,packet chips,junk food,oil and faty food,soft drinks etc..
    4)eat the food in such a way that the calories in the food is been digested for your daily routine and it doesnot accumulate in your body in the form of fat
    5)do exercise for atleast 1/2 hr a day
    6)do morning and evening 13 suryanamaskaras regularly
    7)eat green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits daily
    8)daily drink a composition of hot water and pure honey mixed together before going to sleep which reduces the weight
    9)take triphala churna(ayurvedic medicine) 1 spoon in hot water in night
    10)sleep 6 to 8 hrs a day


    Raghuram M V

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    One good to reduce weight is first by considering the lifestyle. You have to have enough sleep and healthy food. Secondly consider working out.

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    1. Changes in lifestyle are essential. Avoid sedentary lifestyle.
    2. Include fish and foods containing polyunsaturated fatty acids ( PUFA) in diet
    3. Avoid excessive oily food, saturated fats. Avoid red meat. While drinking milk, prefer toned milk as fat is removed.
    4. Regular exercise is the key to reduce waist line.
    5. Avoid junk food

    Read more -

    Tummy Reduction

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    Do kapalbhati pranayam early morning with empty stomach. Then take freshlime jiuce with luke warm water and honey. For breakfast go for some sprouts or oat meal with green Tea. Take a fruit at around 11am to 11.30 am. Take max 2 phulka with bowl daal, green veg with less iol and spices and curd made of skimmed milk include a lot of salad. Take tea at 4 pm with 2 less cal biscuit. Take some salad or water riched fruit at 6pm to 6.30 pm. Have your dinner at 8 to 8.30 with 1 phulka, veg ot daal, salad and curd. sleep atleast 2 hrs after having ur dinner. Do take a glass of warm milk before going to bed. Take a walk for 30 min a day preferable in the morning.
    Generally aerobic training helps us to lose weight and tone our body. The best weight loss exercise program combines both cardio-aerobic and strength-training.
    Several cardio routines (eg. walking, jogging, stepping, cycling) involve mainly the lower body, but some cardio-training (eg. elliptical training, power-walking, rowing, swimming, stair-climbing and cross-country skiing) involve total body workouts. Also do meditation. It is very effective for sound body and sound mind. Healthy diet ,fruits, green leafy vegetables, fresh air, tension free mind plays a very important in healthy life.

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    Hi Mam,
    Read this Forum thread to know more about How to Reduce the Weight?

    Also ,Read this Article.This is the same question asked to Experts in this section.

    Thank You.

    Give others a reason to Smile. :)

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    Hi friend,
    If you are over weight follows this diet. This diet will reduce upto 6kgms a week. But be careful you will get very tired.

    Day1: Drink 10 glasses of water. Eat only fruits, the entire day except banana. You should not anything else other than fruits on the 1st day.

    Day2: Drink 10 glasses of water. Eat only vegetables, the entire day.You should not anything else other than vegetables on the 2nd day.

    Day3: Drink 10 glasses of water. Eat vegetables and fruits alone for the entire day. You can add bananas also.

    Day4: Drink 10 glasses of water. In 4rd day eat only bananas and three glasses of milk.

    Day5: Drink 10 glasses of water. In 5th day eat little rice with fruits alone.

    Day6: Drink 10 glasses of water. In 6th day eat little more rice with vegetables alone.

    Day7: Drink 10 glasses of water. In 7th day eat little more rice than the previous day along with both vegetables and fruits.

    Not: Please dont follow this if your weight is normal. because you may lose a lot of weight by following this diet

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    by doing yaga u can reduce ur weight

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    Dear Sowmya,

    First of all you must understand that weight loss requires a commitment and some time. There is nothing impossible on earth and weight loss can be achieved easily with hard work and determination. Consistency is the key to weight loss and maintenance thereafter. So you will have to allot a certain amount of time in spite of your other commitments.

    For this you can wake up half hour earlier than you usually do and do a brisk walking or jogging. Its great that you are worried about heart diseases and so you will now take measures to prevent it. Just squeeze in a little time in the morning and before you sleep. 30 minutes first thing in the morning and 30 minutes last thing in the night is enough. Also, while sitting and sleeping try to do some leg and hand movements. This will make you burn more calories and will also raise your metabolic rate and will help you to lose weight faster.

    By doing yoga or even simple walking and by being happy and cheerful you will not stress, which will also help you lose weight. If you don't know yoga , just substitute it for a walk.

    There is nothing to worry if you are overweight. By following the below suggestions you can lose weight easily. You have not mentioned how much you currently weigh and your age and height. But even if you are really obese you can reduce in a year if you are consistent with the following measures.

    1) Take a good Calcium supplement preferably with Vitamin D. You can eat Shell CAL 250. This will give you strength to perform exercise and will also bring down stress.

    2) You must eat a very healthy diet with lot of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and fat. I suggest you eat a pregnancy diet, as it will help stabilize your present health condition and will help you in the longer run. Large quantities of nutritious food will actually help you lose weight. Do not diet and starve, this will actually make you put on more weight.You can actually read this article to find out what a pregnancy diet is and try eating these foods between a calorie intake of 1500- 2000 and not more.
    Read more: Diet here

    3) You must exercise daily at least for 30 minutes to 1 hour. There should be bouts of vigorous exercises on some days, like jogging or enroll in a good gym and do strength training or use the elliptical cross trainers. When you are tired you can walk briskly for 1 hour. If you can't do strenuous exercises or don't want to join a gym do 2 sessions of walking for 1 hour each. One in the morning as soon as you wake up and 1 in the evening or night.

    You will see that with a rich nutritious diet, calcium supplement and good exercises; your hormonal levels will become normal which will reduce your body weight and tension. By losing weight you will become more confident which will reduce your stress. Also exercise is a great activity to release your stress.

    By following this regularly you will lose a lot of body weight without any medicine or by dieting.

    Good Luck!

    Dr. Narendar

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    I have a different suggestion for you. there are lot of techniques for wait losing. if you feel they make more stress for you.Then you have another choice if you like dance then you can do it. the advantage is your mind will happy. blood circulation will be normal. And further most you can become a pro in dance.Hope this will helps you. regards bhuvan

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    To reduce your weight, simply take a cup of hotwater and add a tea spoon of original or branded honey and mix half spoon lime juice extracted (if possible) and stir it then drink it 30 minutes before to sleep at night and do it the same in the early morning after brushing up if you are more fat...and avoid high fat items and ice creams / soft-hot drinks etc. Enjoy by slimming your health by also 15 to 30 mins walking or swimming or cycling per day.

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    These are the best methods to reduce weight provided the individual is a normal healthy person save that he/she is fat.......
    ( if you are between 20 yrs and 50yrs)

    Before you take up these , make sure that u stick to it atleast for two months and then u will feel the change as the lightness of ur body which will be self motivating for rest of ur life.

    1. Have faith that u will surely lose weight.
    2. Have atleast 7 hrs of sleep if u r not a working person and atleast 6 hrs if a working person.
    3.Drink a lot of water, do not drink while u r having ur meal, and before and after 10 minutes of the meal. Make sure that u do not take in cold or so called chilled water as it will lead to bulging of ur stomach.Do not even take cold drinks too often.
    4. Plz avoid any kind of junk and party food. If u wish to have any such item then prepare it in ur home and have it. It will be a better option.
    5.Atleast walk for an hour every morning, then increase it to 1 and a half and then to 2 hrs but gradually. This can re adjusted if u have a treadmill at ur home then its good to workout there. The walking speed matters a lot. It should be like atleast 2 kilometers in half an hour.
    6.Do not eat the following items --
    a) butter b) lot of sugar and salt c) eggs d)chips and papads e)potatoes f)pickles
    7. Include the following in your diet--
    a)salad b) green vegetables c) carrot and papaya d) chapati
    8. Most important is that u sud never take a heavy meal at any time. Its good that u take very light meals and 4 to 5 times a day.Do not take oily items like nuts and all, rather take fibrous items like fruits and fibrous vegetables like lady's finger.
    9.Its required that u take thin curd and tomatoes in your diet.
    10. If u going to a gym then these measures are like diamonds for u and if u r not going to gym then along with these things start playing some games like badminton,table tennis or lawn tennis, basket ball or at least skipping.

    I bet u will surely find the difference and a feather like light feel.

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    I had followed the diet program suggested by General Motors. It helped to reduce 2 kgs in a week. Its completely a diet plan for a week. Actually this should not be taken continuously. You can give 1-2 months of gap between 2 courses.

    Refer this site for more details on this program:

    Since generally many of us dont take beefs, we can substitute the beef either with Chicken or sproutes

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    Hi Sowmya,

    The excess calorie which you take in is stored as fat. So the first step in weight reduction is to cut down your excess calorie intake. If you do so, you are forcing your stored fats to convert in to glucose and thus you are burning excess fat.Based on your lifestyle, you have to plan it.

    The main source of calorie is Rice. Most of us will think, only by consuming fatty substance, we become bulky. It is not exactly like that. Rice contributes much to weight gain (bulkiness).

    So better if you feel you are overweight, try to reduce rice based dishes. Instead try wheat based dishes.

    Avoid unnecessary consumption of foods which only provides calorie- cool drinks (carbonated), candies,chocolates, biscuits,etc

    Avoid cream milk preparations like lassi, icecreams, milk pastes etc., since they have high content of fat.

    Reduce sugar uptake, Say no to juices filled with sugar syrup.

    Eat whole fruits instead of juices.

    The whole concept is to reduce carbohydrate and fat rich food uptake and instead supplement yourself with protein based food. Again overdoing anything is wrong.

    Nothing wrong in consuming lean meat or chicken, provided you dont fry them. And it is good to consume small sized fishes.

    Chips, and other fried items to be avoided.

    When you are on controlled diet, never forget to consume more amount of water, because you may accumulate ketones because of the breakdown of fat into glucose (some biochemistry here). And these accumulated ketones are dangerous to your kidney and liver.

    So with increased intake of water, you can flush them out of your body.

    Thats it, so simple, avoid foods rich in carbohydrates and fat. Instead be on foods which have some protein and fibre. Drink a lot of water. Do some mild exercise.

    Coming to the part of exercise, the concept of weight reduction is simple. You need calories for normal body activity. the same applies when you exercise. That is you are breaking down the consumed carbohydrates for energy. If no carbohydrate is available, then the second choice goes to fat (adipose tissue), which is the alternative store of glucose. The third alternative is muscle breakdown for energy.
    So if you cutdown carbohydrate intake, naturally you stimulate your body to burn your fats to fuel it, thus your excess fats reduce. There is no use of any exercise with supplemented carbohydrates, no fats will be burnt. So the key is to restrict in carbohydtare intake with exercise.

    Finally, "Eat for living, Dont live for eating". Just a Joke, Please forgive if this hurts.

    Note: I have personally seen good results with pineapples especially when you replace your dinner with half pineapple fresh, no juice. I dont know how it works, now ruling it out with research.
    Need more... visit

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    to reduce fat one has to be very determined and in control of his/her taste buds.first step should be to take care of your food habits ,one should totally avoid junk food ,oily stuff,fast food,excess use of sweets and rice.second step should be to work on your body morning walk jogging yoga exercise gym anything that can make your body sweat,will do.a systematic routine will help you get a nice shape and a lot of appreciation.

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    Do your own works like
    *clean your room
    *wash you clothes
    *walk by foot to short distance destinations (going to college
    or office)

    by doing this you can save your money and you can reduce weight.

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    Dear Friend
    Do one thing don't eat those things which has more fats in it.
    next is that you shouldn't take rice twice a day.
    Take for once a day only.take chapatti in night.
    Make a habit of walking daily atleast for 30 mins a day before 0600hrs..
    That's all
    If you proerly use these advice then i am sure that you will loose your weight within 6-7 months ..
    Thanking you

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    hi Sowmya

    i know you are very tense about your weight gain because sometime it create many deseese, Don,t take tension keep away from tension, always remain happy and think you are very beautiful lady of this world.After that, you will loss your weight easily but you have to do hard work also.

    Follow Following instruction:

    1:After wake up in the morning take 3 Glass of water
    2:Go for morning walk atleast for 1/2 an Hour
    3:Take a glass of lemon water
    4:After that you do yoga for loss your fats such as

    a.(KAPAL BHATI FOR 10min.atleast It decreases your tummy) but do correctly if you are not able do it please don't do this
    f.(PAVAN MUKTASANA FOR 10MIN reduce abdominal fat)
    g.(SARVANGASANA FOR 5 MIN increase glow on face and reduce fat abdomen)
    h.(PRANAYAM FOR 10MIN It keep your keep and calm you dont feel any tension)
    i.(NAUKASANA FOR 5 TO 10 MIN. It reduces the fatness of abdomen )
    Do these yoga & exercise in a open air

    These are some easy yoga you try first and do in a less number and increase day by day
    And please do regular yoga atleast for 10min. only but do it

    2.IN the lunch take chappati & pulses ,salad,very less quanity of rice and curd.
    3.In the Dinner Take light dinner like 2 chappati ,sabji(salad)
    one glass of milk.
    4.If any time you want to eat then you eat salad.

    and after taking food you do (Bajarasan-it digest food easly)


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    Loosing weight is soo easy in this time one can loose it by following methods Changes in lifestyle are essential. Avoid sedentary lifestyle.
    Include fish and foods containing polyunsaturated fatty acids ( PUFA) in diet
    Avoid excessive oily food, saturated fats. Avoid red meat. While drinking milk, prefer toned milk as fat is removed. Regular exercise is the key to reduce waist line. Avoid junk food
    your diet should have
    AFTER THAT TAKE LESS OIL FOOD LIKE DALIYA, CORN FLAKES DON'T TAKE JUNK FOOD.IN the lunch take chappati & pulses ,salad,very less quanity of rice and curd.In the Dinner Take light dinner like 2 chappati ,sabji(salad)
    one glass of milk.If any time you want to eat then you eat salad.

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    first of all leave all your tension aside
    plan your day shedule
    plan your eating shedule
    plan your exercise shedule
    start with simple modification in your lifestyle
    like drink some 1 glass of water before every meal
    try to climb stairs insted of lift
    go for small brisk walk every day
    and one main thing dont loose what u ahve done yesterday
    like if u have walked 5 min on day one ,then keep it increasing always
    keep it up ,i am sure you will loose weight like me

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    Mix honey in lukewarm water and have daily in the morning. Also make a habit of including bittergourd in your lunch or dinner very often . Both will sloly bring down your weight. If possible do walk as much as you can, which will also help your muscles shake and bring the extra weight down. Have plenty of water.

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    eat katrazhai juice daily

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    Dear Sowmya,

    Well.You got lots of suggestion from previous posts.But i want 2 give you some suggestion for you.I can guess what you are feeling with this overweight.First you have to reduce your inferiority complex.And then u must set some goals to reduce your weight.

    Here some of my tips:

    1.You can set some goals that you ll reduce your weight in a particular period.It depends upon your weight.

    2.Then you can reward yourself if you can make some progress.

    3.Change your eating habits.That you must avoid junk foods.This is the main reason for overweight for many persons.

    4.You can do exercises,if you exercise your body will burn calories.If your body burn calories than you consume really you will lose weight.

    5.Be always motivated to lose weight.

    6.Please try to avoid foods which is high on fat and sugar.

    7.Slow weight loss is the most effective way to reduce weight.Don't try to reduce your weight abruptly like 'i will reduce 10kgs in this week.'.

    Be slow and surely you can win your weight.

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    Changes in lifestyle are essential.Avoid sedentary lifestyle.
    Include fish and foods containing polyunsaturated fatty acids ( PUFA) in diet
    Avoid excessive oily food, saturated fats. Avoid red meat. While drinking milk, prefer toned milk as fat is removed.
    Regular exercise is the key to reduce waist line.
    Avoid junk food

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