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    Feel sleepy most of the time

    I always feel sleepy. In the morning I never get up my own.

    I used to take at least 7 hours sleep (sometimes 6 hrs) but after getting up in the morning I don not feel fresh.

    After sometime I am ok but when I come to office, 1 hour later again I feel sleepy. And on the top of it, in the afternoon after lunch that is a critical situation for me in the office because that is my working time & I am in sleepy mood. I am working full time.

    Please suggest.
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    Most of the people are so tired in the morning that they struggle to get out of bed. Let me tell some possible reasons to feel always sleepy and tired in bed and its remedies.

    • Bad sleeping circumstances with old and uncomfortable bed, pillows and room conditions. To avoid these make you're sleeping room and bed everything neat and fresh. Then you can get a good enough sleep.

    • Waking up more times during sleep hours, it is not a complete sleep. To avoid this, sleep at right time without any unwanted thoughts. Don't eat any heavy meal before your sleep. Have light meal or only fruits and limited quantity of water in between 7.00 to 8.00 pm. And wait for 2 to 2.5 hours to sleep. It will help you to avoid waking up in between sleep.

    • If you are overweight or obese, your body has to work more time to fulfill daily functions. Especially your heart will undergo overload. Then your daily functions will get delay and cause to tiredness. Focus on your diet and try to have a controlled weight by avoiding junk foods.

    • If you are on medication, it will make you drowsy. So consult a Doctor to get suggestion to avoid this problem.

    • If you are working most of the time in offices, car, home etc, it may make you tired because of lack of fresh air which gives you vitamin D to boost your energy level. So you should take couple of minutes break to do stretchable exercise for your hand, legs, neck, hip etc and have fresh breathing for some time during your working time.

    • If you are not doing regular exercise at least 30 minutes you will be lazy and will have a low energy level. Exercise is very strict just like your daily food and while exercise more, it will produce good hormones in your body and provide a good mood and high energy for you. Believe me that practicing yoga will make you substantial changes on your body and take away your tiredness and all problems.

    • If you have any job pressure and money problem or other stress, it will affect you very badly in your sleep. Try to fix the problems and stay away from them. It will provide essential continuous sleep and avoid sleep feel.

    • If you are watching TV too much time, especially late night, you will be tired, so practice meditation for 20 to 30 minutes if possible.

    • Change your eating habits and add fresh nutritious fruits and raw vegetables in your diet. It will offer a good lazy less mood and good health.

    • Smoking and alcohol consuming are not good practices for good health and well being. You will sleep too much because of alcohol and smoking interrupts your sleep. So you will feel tired and drowsy as well. So avoid these.

    • Oversleeping itself is a main reason to feel sleepy and tiredness. So use alarm clock to fix your sleeping time and limit you sleep. Go to bed early and Get up early. Don't sleep after 6 am. Avoid bed coffee or tea. Drink 2 to 3 glasses of water after waking up and do soorya-namaskar or other effective exercise after 20 to 30 minutes. You will a good mood and pleasant feeling


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    I don't like oversleeping habit. It is realy very bad habit. any one day you are so tired that time you can take rest. otherwise it's not good habit.


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    First you have to undergo for a medical checkup to confirm that you are free from any sort of diseases. If you are not suffering from any disease you have to check your daily routine. Please follow the instructions:
    1. Get up early in the morning and get fresh
    2. Drink luck warm water as much you can
    3. Do meditation and exercise for half an hour
    4. Have balanced diet (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    5. Don't sleep in the after noon
    6. Don,t get tensed for simple reason
    7. Love youself
    8. Have sleep for 6-7 hours

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    Hi Dr.Devisri,
    Your answers are mentioned here:
    Since how long you are having this problem - About 1 year

    What is ur profession - Engineer (full time working)

    what is your diet habits - Good

    Are you a smoker or drinker - No

    During full day workig time mostly I used to be on the computer & evening time I see TV.

    If you want any more data about me then you can ask.

    No time is wrong to do right things

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    Dear Kiran
    Since you are working in front of computer for full time it can cause eye stress and feel tired always. your problem can be rectified by some measures...

    1. Avoid thinking about job,family and personal matters during night time to have a sound sleep in the night.
    2.Eat fruits in the night before sleep.
    3.Try to avoid in front of computer for long time.
    4.Do exercise before sleep.
    5. Try to eat and have snacks to avoid sleep during day time.
    6. Drink lot of water in the morning.
    7. If still problem is there take some sedation in the night and have a sound sleep.

    Consult a physician.

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    Have a good exercise in the Morning or Evening. Drink lot of juices and water. Especially drink Musambi juice. Sleep deeply in night. Avoid Afternoon sleep. Don't eat heavily any time. Diet should be half food, much water and empty space. Be aware of what you eat and drink. Watch comedy movies and scenes and laugh if you have time in a day. All the best.

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    Hi kiran,try this following remedies for your problem. 1.normal sleeping time for an adult should be 8 you extend your sleep time.go to bed early in night. 2.if you have the habit of drinking or smoking,please avoid it. 3.don watch tv or work in the computer after 9 pm in the will encourage the brain to be awake for longer avoid it. 4.if you are a software professional then surely you should give rest to your eyes for atleast 2 min inbetween every one hour when you are working in the computer. 5.use soft pillow and beddings to sleep. 6.sleep in a quiet environment which make your 8 hours sleep ,a complete one. 7.use fragrant night lamps while sleeping. 8.avoid thinking about problems and worries at bed time. 9.dont keep any books,mobile,tv or computer in your bed room. 10.take lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 11.reduce your meals level to half. 12.instead of filling the whole stomach with food,fill half of it with food and rest half with water. may feel hungry initially while reducing lunch,so you can take raw cucumber salad to support your reduced amount of lunch. 14.dont drink coffee often,since one cup stimulates the brain and excess of it depresses the brain. 15.have one cup of hot milk in the night just half an hour before sleep. 16.check your hemo globin levels in a nearby lab and consult the doctor with the results.your sleeplessness may be due to anemia. 17.take fruits rich in iron like carrot,spinach,papaya,mango,jaggery,meat etc. All the above methods will fetch you good results.

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    Hi kiran,i have noticed your answers for my are an engineer who works in front of computer for long time.its good that you are having clean its easy to get rid of this problem if you follow my above mentioned remedies.apart from that if you continue to have this problem even after following my suggestion for a period of two months, then probably you may need to consult a physician.hope these tips are enough for you.wish you speedy recovery.

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    I think your brain is full with work load and pressure. So first you must relax. Take a break from office and forget about office work.

    Go for a film or a restaurant, eat your favorite dish and treat yourself with your friends. In this way you will free from tension and you can start your work in fresh mood.

    Do 20 mints exercise including push-ups, jogging in one place or buy a trade-mill and run for 15 mints everyday.

    Drink fruit juice and milk for extra energy and be in fresh mood.

    The secret to rise early is to "say yourself before going to bed that I WILL WAKE UP AT 6 AM IN MORNING EVERYDAY ANYHOW."
    This is bit hypnotizing yourself but it really works. I do it when I have any important work to do in early morning. You must feel while say it to your brain. When you will say it to yourself visualize a clock ticking at 6 am.

    Try it once.See the result.Tell me it worked or not.

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    1)Excess exertion.

    2)Heavy work.

    3)Excess eating.

    4)Eating fatty foods.

    5)It may be due to habbit.


    1)Make habbit to get up early in the morning.

    2)Dont have heavy meals at a time.

    3)Dont go to bet directly at night after dinner.

    4)Becides your work enjoy with your nears and dears.

    5)Drink water in more quantity.

    6)Dont be lazy in dont any work.

    7)Avoid watching tv at most of the times.

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    use of aloe berry nactor (a Forver Living product)is very effective for such will strengthen your body and you will not feel sleepy

    shashi jhamb

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