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    What are the symptoms of piles?

    What are the symptoms of piles?
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    Piles is otherwise called Hemarrhoids. It is defined as a prolapse of anal mucosal tissue with varying degree in various positions. There are two types external and internal hemarrhoids. They may be different positions like 3clock, 7clock, 11clock directions. single person can have piles mass in all directions.

    External piles - fresh bleeding on straining for stools with pain
    Internal piles - fresh bleeding on straining for stools without pain. Both may have a mass protruding on straining..

    Differential anatomical landmark for pile is anal margin. piles situated above anal margin is called internal pile below anal margin is called external pile. since external pile involves the skin it is having pain.

    High fibre diet
    Liquid paraffin 3 times a day
    Initially it can be treated with injection sclerotherapy.
    If still not cured hemarrhoidetomy surgery curative.

    Hope the information is useful

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    Pile is swelling around your anal cushions.Two types of piles are there external and internal. The blood vessels have become swollen and also swelling around your anus.

    If you haave Extenal piles, it will be more painful and less bleeding. On the other hand internal pile are painless and more bleeding when you discharge stool.

    * Common symptoms of piles include:

    * Painless bleeding from your anus.

    * Swelling on your anus

    * Constipation

    * Itching and irritation around your anus


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    Dear Tahir,
    You have been provided with good information on PILES.the symptoms of PILES will be :
    a. Irritation in the anus area ;
    b. Itching sensation will become uncontrollable in anus area ;
    c. Difficulty in passing motion ;
    d. Start of bleeding while passing tools;and,
    e. Unusual tiredness will be experienced after passing tools.

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    Piles is mainly itching or swelling around anus.


    1)Itching around the anus.

    2)Swelling around the anus.Not able to sit for excertion.

    3)Painfull at regular intervals.

    4)Heavy or less bleeding from anal.

    1)Dont consume excess pickle.

    2)Dont eat heavily garnished food

    3)Avoid eating spicy food.

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    Piles are caused by the swelling of blood vessel around the rectum and the anus. It results in blood discharge from the anus while passing stool. This is basically caused due to the stretching of the rectum due stool discharge.
    This is very problematic. It can basically he classified into two categories namely:-
    Internal haemorrhoids-In this the sores occur deep inside the Rectum and are not visible to us. They may also require some surgical treatment.
    External haemorrhoids-they lie within the anus. It can be felt on the soft pink skin and it is quite irritating. There may also occur a blood clot.
    Some possible causes of piles can be as follows:-
    1) Eating spicy food
    2) Eating food with less fiber
    3) Passage of hard stool
    4) Less consumption of water.

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