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    Difference between Software and Hardware

    Difference between software and hardware?
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    There are several differences between computer hardware and software. However, the fundamental difference between hardware and software is that hardware is a physical device something that you're able to touch and see. For example, the computer monitor you're viewing this text on or the mouse you're using to navigate is considered computer hardware.

    Software is code and instructions that tell a computer and/or hardware how to operate. This code can be viewed and executed using a computer or other hardware device. However, without any hardware software would not exist. An examples of software is Microsoft Windows, an operating system that allows you to control your computer and other programs that run on it.

    Hardware is the actual components that your computer is made of: ram, rom, motherboard, modem, wireless chip etc.
    Software is any program that you load onto a computer: the operating system (Windows, Linux) games or applications.

    Hardware = your actual computer, for example : Your RAM/CPU/Hard Disk/GPU/Motherboard/PSU

    Software = what you run on your computer, for example: Windows/Computergames/wordprocessing aplications/Internet Explorer or Firefox

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    Hello Pryia,

    A Hardware is a physical components of a computer system.
    The hardware are parts or components used to make a computer. The basic hardware parts of a computer are :
    1. Input Device : A input device is used to input the data to the computer, by the user.
    The various input device are
    a) keyboard.
    c)Scanning Device.

    2. Output Device: The final result of the process is called as an output device. The below are some of output device.
    b) Monitors

    3.Central Processing Unit(CPU):Every computer has CPU that performs the user instruction. There are three section in CPU.
    a) Primary storage device
    b) Arithmetic Logic Unit.
    c) Control Unit.

    4. Secondary Storage Device: As computers have a limited storage capacity ,so most computers have secondary device.some of the device are
    a) Hard Disk
    b) Floppy Disk
    c) CD ROM
    d) Pen Drive
    e) Tape Drive

    A Software is an set of instructions that when executed by the user provides desired function and performance. A software is a collection of computer programs that describes the process of the operation and use of program.

    A software is mainly divided into two types 1. System software
    2. Application software

    A System Software is a set of programs that is used to control the operation and increase the processing capacity of a computer system. This software helps to run the computer system and hardware more effectively and efficiently, as well as to maintain a platform for running an Application Software. The programmers who prepare system software is called as System Programmers.

    There are various types of system software.
    1. Operating system
    The main duty of operating system software is to maintain efficient and efficient utilization of the computer system. The operating system are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

    2. Utility Programs
    utility programs include formatting of hard disk, making backup of files. It is used for maintainig and performing tasks of routine nature.

    3. Communication Software:
    This software enables exchange and transfer of data and programs between network area.

    Application Software is a set of programs used to accomplish one or more specifice task. There are many application software available for a wide range of applications.

    The various types of application software are.
    1. Entertainment Software: It helps a user to use a computer system as an entertainment tool. Such as playing games, watching movies etc.

    2. Education Software:
    This software is useful for students and teachers which helps a computer system to be used as a learning and teaching tool.

    3. Personal Assistance Software: This software allows a user for storing and retriving the personal information, planning, contactsetc..

    4. Word Processing software: With the help of this software as user can use a computer system for creating, editing, viewing, storing,formatting.

    primo samuel.

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    We come across two terms quite frequently in relation to computers. These are Hardware and Software. Let us define these terms.
    Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer. The devices that physically ensure intake of data, storing them, processing them and displaying them are called Hardware.
    Software consists of sequence of instructions, in the form of a program to perform a particular task on a computer. The two terms may be understood by drawing an analogy with television sets. A television produced by Philips or Sony or any other manufacturer is capable of displaying television programs. Yet, unless there is a telecast of some program, these devices are of no use. The television set will be termed as hardware where as the program that get displayed in the set is called the Software

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    The basic difference between software and hardware is hardware is physical device that you can touch for example Computer Monitor, Printer, Keyboard , mouse etc and on other hand Software is a set of instruction given to hardware of computer for how to operate. The set of instruction is called Code, which is understandable by computer. For example Windows that you see on your computer when you switch on your computer is Software, Internet Browser through which you do internet is also a Software.

    Software and hardware are related to each other and without each others help they won't work. Hardware itself cannot work on its own until and unless it gets instructions from the software.

    Lets give you an example if you buy operating System that means you are purchasing software but that software come into hardware "disk".


    Bhawna Shah

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    There is a hell and heaven difference between the software and the hardware.

    Hardware is any physical component that you buy from the market. Your computer consists of a set of integrated or assembled parts that form the hardware of your computer. The word 'hard' really signifies the tangibility of such parts.
    You can see as well as touch these parts.
    Yes, there are also provisions for the repairing of such hardwares which may not be the case with softwares.

    The 'malwares' such as virus etc. affects only the software and not the hardware.

    External agents like dust particles etc. affects only your hardware and not the software.

    Types of hardware devices

    i)Input devices: These are the devices using which you feed the data into your computer. Keyboard, mouse, scanners etc. are all examples of input devices as they help you to give commands to the computer to perform a specific action.

    ii)Output devices: These are the devices that help you to obtain the output from the computer in the form of certain operations or information. When you feed the data into the computer, the computer processes it and gives you the result using an output device. Monitor, printers etc. are all output devices.


    Softwares are the programs that help to increase the efficiency of your system by helping it to get utilized properly.
    Just as a car cannot be run without petrol, a computer cannot be run without softwares.
    They are the programs that are not affected by the dust particles but have greater threats that endanger them such as viruses and other 'malware' softwares.
    You cannot see or touch them but can recognize them through your hardware. Every single task that the computer performs need a different software.

    Types of software

    i)Application software: Games, movies etc. that allow you to perform only a certain task are called application softwares.

    ii)System software: Such softwares perform a multiple of functions and run your whole system. Operating systems such as Windows 98, 2000, XP and others are system softwares.

    With regards,
    ISC Editor.
    Studyvillage editor.

    A group of donkey led by a lion can defeat a group of lion led by a donkey.

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    Dear priya
    Physical piece[component] of a computer.
    Example: Monitor,CPU,Keyboard,Mouse.
    The software is necessary to run the computer.Software is a set of instructions that directs the computer to process information.These instructions are called programs.

    Types of software's:

    1.Application software:
    It is a set of program designed for specific uses or applications such as word processing, graphics, or spreadsheet analysis.
    It can be custom written but is usually purchased ready made.
    Application program can be divided into 2 parts
    1.1) Editor:
    1.1.1) Special text Editor:
    This editor is used to design or write a program in interactive mode.In this user just type the requirement and the program code is generated.
    1.1.2) Text Editor:
    This type of editor is used to type only text matter.the text may be stored for future reference. The text may be modified.
    Example:Notepad,MS word.

    1.1.3)Screen Editor:
    This editor is used for designing.The user may be design the object,move,enlarge and compact the object to give interactive look for object.
    Word processor,Electronic Spreadsheets,Database System,Accounting Packages,DTP packages,Graphics Packages,Presentation Packages.

    2)Utility Programs
    They are requested by many application programs.A few examples are
    2.1)Text Editor:
    This editor is used for creation and correction of texts.It is used to type only text matter.
    2.1)Debugging tool
    This is a program that helps to locate and correct the errors that may occur in a program due to the incorrect use of the syntax of the language.
    2.2)File compression
    To compress the selected files.
    2.3)Disk fragmentation:
    To rearrange files and unused space on your hard disk.

    System Software:
    It coordinates the operation of the various hardware components of the computer.
    It can be classified into two types:
    Operating Systems
    It is an organised collection or integrated set of specialized programs that controls the overall operations of a computer.
    It helps the computer to supervise and manage its resources.
    2.Language Translator:
    It is used to convert the program written in assembly language into machine language.

    It translates a source program that is usually written in a high level language by a programmer into machine language.

    It translates each source program statement into a sequence of machine instructions and then executes these machine instructions before translating the next source language statement.

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    Hardware is a physical device something
    that you're able to touch and see.
    For example, the computer monitor you're viewing this text on or
    the mouse you're using to navigate is considered computer hardware.
    Software is code and instructions its for difference between hardware and software.

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    The following are the main difference of the Hardware and Software

    1) Software means written program by software engineers. It may contain one or more program and the program contains several commands. There are several operating software for example Windows XP, Vesta and Tally etc.,

    2)Hardware means different parts of the system or computer. The system are manufactured by many company's Hardware Engineer for example HCL, HP, Del etc.,

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    Hardware is what you can touch and view
    software is where you work and only view

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    Hardware is the parts and peripherals connected in computer it includes chips,Ram,Motherboard.... We can able to touch Hardware but software is set of instruction that provide instructions to hardware for do specific work.
    There are different types of software like application software,system software and operating software like vista,XP...

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    Simple answer:
    Hardware: All hard things are called Hardware. We can see, touch and move it.
    Software: Which activates the Hardware is called Software. We can't see, touch it but only feel the presence of it, just like our life. Without software no Hardware device will work.

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    In simple computer terms software gives and takes instructions from Hardware.

    e.g if you type "A" character on keyboard(hardware)then OS(software) gets instruction that "A" is pressed and then OS gives instruction to monitor(hardware) to display the given character.

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    Hardware can be touched but we can't touch software

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