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    Difference between System software and application software

    I want to know the difference between the system software and application software
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    System Software and Application Software can be differentiated as their work to deal with Computer.

    System Software :
    This type of software are used to act as an interfacing bridge between Human being and Machine. They also act as a platform for Application software to make hardware work according to Software.
    The System Software are also called as Operating System Software. the most common OS used are MS-DOS , Windows XP , Vista , Windows 7, Mac - OS ,Linux , Ubuntu etc . The most primitive OS among them is DOS - or better Known as Disk Operating System .The difference between DOS and nowdays OS is that Dos is CUI(Command User Interface) and all other are GUI(Graphical User Interface) . The first Software installed in PC is OS , it supports other software to run. OS helps user to communicate with Computer and take Inputs and prepare Outputs.

    Application Software :
    Application Software is the set of Instruction's or combination of Programming Module that uses hardware and perform a specific task.These are most commonly used by users , there are lot of variety in Application Software depending on users need . Some examples are like Music Players , Anti virus tools, Photo Editor , Games ,Browser's and lot many . These Software uses hardware using System Software as platform.


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    system software are those which are required to just operate the computer and control the functions of computer ,without these softwares the computer cannnot function properly
    application software are the softwares required to run the applications such as nero, vlc etc

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    Hello Sachin,

    A Software is an set of instructions that when executed by the user provides desired function and performance. A software is a collection of computer programs that describes the process of the operation and use of program.

    A software is mainly divided into two types 1. System software
    2. Application software

    A System Software is a set of programs that is used to control the operation and increase the processing capacity of a computer system. This software helps to run the computer system and hardware more effectively and efficiently, as well as to maintain a platform for running an Application Software. The programmers who prepare system software is called as System Programmers.

    There are various types of system software.
    1. Operating system
    The main duty of operating system software is to maintain efficient and efficient utilization of the computer system. The operating system are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

    2. Utility Programs
    utility programs include formatting of hard disk, making backup of files. It is used for maintainig and performing tasks of routine nature.

    3. Communication Software:
    This software enables exchange and transfer of data and programs between network area.

    Application Software is a set of programs used to accomplish one or more specifice task. There are many application software available for a wide range of applications.

    The various types of application software are.
    1. Entertainment Software: It helps a user to use a computer system as an entertainment tool. Such as playing games, watching movies etc.

    2. Education Software:
    This software is useful for students and teachers which helps a computer system to be used as a learning and teaching tool.

    3. Personal Assistance Software: This software allows a user for storing and retriving the personal information, planning, contactsetc..

    4. Word Processing software: With the help of this software as user can use a computer system for creating, editing, viewing, storing,formatting etc...

    With regards,
    primo samuel.

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    System Software are like operating system MS-Dos, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 7, Unix, Linux and MAC. They work to operate computer system to work with human interface.

    Application Software are like MS-Office, Norton Antivirus, Autocad, SAP Application, Adobe Photoshop etc.

    System software is must to run any of the application software. All the application software need to fulfill all the requirements of system software. Otherwise there will be compatibility problem.

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    System software is a computer program that controls the system hardware and interacts with application software. The designation includes the operating system and the network operating system.
    Application software is any computer program used o create or process data, such as data, such as text documents, spreadsheets, graphics and so on. Examples include database management software, desktop publishing programs, presentation programs, spreadsheet programs and word processing programs.
    From the Introduction to Computer by Peter Norton.

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    System software is a collection of system programs. With the help of system software it is possible to execute the computer programs in an effective manner.
    Examples of system software are operating system, Assembler, compiler, Loader and Macros.
    Witth the help of application software it is possible to solve application oriented problems. Example: Inventory, Electricity bill,Accounting Management system.

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    System software is programmed to working of the system registries,drivers... system software is must for a computers working and working of external devices connected like printer,scanner but the application software's are soft ware designed for specific works. The office suite is used for only for office works and picture viewer is used for view picture etc... if there is no application for viewing picture we cannot able to see pictures in PC but the computers other devices and system files are not affected.

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    System software is that which is required for for proper maintaining and running any computer.example-any operating software
    application software-software which are designed for specific applications.example-notepad,microsoft word,autocad

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