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    What are the differences between Microprocessor and Microcontrollers?

    compare microprocessor vs. microcontrollers
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    Hey Arti,

    Microprocessor is a also Known as 8085 IC . This 40 pin IC is use to perform many Arithmetical and logical Operations. This IC is use to interface different IC's to perform different work , For Example: Providing multiple interrupts using 8259 IC. Similarly we can perform many other operation by interfacing with other IC's. This type of IC's are used in Computers and Personal Uses.

    Microcontroller is again an IC of family 8051 series. This is really specialized IC having all the features available with 8085 and in addition to that other features like processor core, memory, and programmable I/O peripherals. This type of IC is self sufficient, can work solely without any help from other IC's . This Type of IC's are used in Automobile companies, embedded systems , remote control devices.

    This type of IC is usd to perform function on it's own , i.e. Automatic control is handled here. This IC is most advance version of microprocessor which can control other process. This IC has its own memory , I/O controls , interrupts Etc.


    Prabodh Meshram

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    Hello Arti,
    First you have to know that what is microprocessor and what is microcontroller.

    Microprocessor is a multipurpose, programmable,register based electronic device which read binary instructions from memory, processes the input data as per instructions and provides output.
    Microcontroller is a device that includes microprocessor, memory and input/output devices on a single chip.

    Comparison of Microcontroller and Microprocessor

    1. Microcontroller having inbuilt RAM or ROM and inbuilt timer.
    2. Input and output ports are available.
    3. Inbuilt serial port.
    4. Separate memory to store program and data.
    5. Many functions pins on the IC.
    6. Boolean operation directly possible.
    7. It take few instructions to read and write data from external memory.

    1. Do not have inbuilt RAM or ROM and timer.
    2. Input and output ports are not available, requires extra device like 8155
    3. Do not have inbuilt serial port, requires 8250 device.
    4. Program and data are stored in same memory.
    5. Less multifunction pins on IC.
    6. Boolean operation is not possible directly.
    7. It take many instruction to read and write data from external memory.

    Microcontroller are used in automatically controlled products and devices such as automobile engine control, remote controls, toys and traffic control lights etc.

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    microprocessor is a 8085 ic's family and used for arthmetic and logical processing whereever microcontroller is also a ic's family and used for control all over process in microprocessor processing

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    in a simple sense

    a microprocessor is only a processor

    but a microcontroller is a processor + RAM + some logic circuit.

    now in case of microcontroller everything is built on the same chip
    so it is economical to use a microcontroller.

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    * A silicon chip with heart

    * Separate chips for input output devices, serial interface, timer, memory etc. required.

    * Process Data.

    * Few bit handling instructions .

    * Many Op-code to move data from external memory to CPU.

    * Generally higher core clock frequency .

    * High performance pipelined / parallel CPU architecture.

    *General purpose processor.


    * A silicon chip with hand, leg along with heart.

    * The Microcontroller includes a CPU ,RAM , ROM , I/O ports , and timers .

    * Control - Decision base action.

    * Many bit handling instruction .

    * Few Op-Code to move data from external memory to CPU .

    * Generally lower core clock frequency.

    * Low performance simple CPU architecture.

    * Application specific single chip solution.


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    The main difference between microprocessor and micro controller is microprocessor works as a central processing unit of a computer and micro-controller is a small computer on single integrated circuit.

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    The main difference between microprocessors and microcontroller is that microcontroller contains its own inbuilt memory which is not there in microprocessors.

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