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How to stop hair fall?

Date: 24 Nov 2010   Posted By: arti goel     Group: Health    Category: Beauty   

how to stop hair fall

Author: Kiran    24 Nov 2010      Member Level: Gold     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

Hi Arti,

I also had hair fall problem but I used following things & now I am free from hair fall:

1) Alternate day do head massage with oil. Use "Patanjali's Kesh Tail".

2) Use Patanjali's "KeshKanti Shampoo" to wash your hair.

It really works within 10 days.

And if you have Dandruff then first get rid of this.

For more details of Patanjali Products you can follow below link:


Author: Babu Neelakandan    30 Nov 2010      Member Level: Gold     Points : 1    Voting Score: 0


See answers for similar question


Author: vijay Patel    30 Nov 2010      Member Level: Silver     Points : 4  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

Hi Arti,

Hair fall is a big problem in today's life which is due to uncertain rutting and careless eating. We are doing a lot of work in contact of dusty environment which is the cause of dandruff and dandruff is playing leading role to make our hair poor and white.

Here I am posting some point which is best way to prevent hair fall in early life-

1-Try to take fresh vegetable in your food.
2-If you can then avoid dusty environment.
3-Make a proper rutting for your breakfast and dinner.
4-Don't eat more oily and fried food.
5-Try to take some fruits every day like Apple,Bananas etc.
6-Daily based exercise is a best way to make healthy your hair and whole body.
7-Yoga is best exercise so try to do it.

Here are some medicine which is also helpful to prevent it-

You can use Nezoroll as a shampoo in your hair , it is really best option if your hair is full with dandruff.

Author: HARISH KUMAR GANGWAR    30 Dec 2010      Member Level: Bronze     Points : 1    Voting Score: 0


I suggest you to use Livon Hair Gain Tonic MRP is RS. 600.Within 15-20 days u will see a change.



Author: Archana Kapoor    05 Jan 2011      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

Hair loss is a very serious problem and it should be handled with care. I am suggesting some important tips that can help you.

1. Boil mustard oil with heena leaves, filter it and store in a bottle. Massage your scalp with this oil.

2. Grind fenugreek(methi)seeds with water and apply on your hairs. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then wash off.

3. Mix honey with egg yolk and massage your hair with this mixture, leave it for 30 minutes and wash off.

4. Take iron and protein rich diet.

5. Increase the intake of mineral supplements like calcium, magnesium and zinc.

6. Avoid hair dryers.

7. Do meditation regularly, this will reduce stress and tension. Stress and tension are two common reasons for hair loss.

8. Minimize the use of hair colours or totally avoid it.

9. Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, cabbage etc.

10. Massage the hairs with coconut milk or Aloe-vera gel. Leave for 30 minutes and then rinse with water.

11. Boil amla, reetha and shikakai with water and wash your hair with this mixture.

12. Boil small pieces of amla with coconut oil and filter it. Massage your hair with this oil.

13. Don't wash your hairs with too hot water.

14. Massage hairs with juice of coriander leaves.

15. Mix lemon juice in egg yolk and massage your hair with this mixture, leave it for some time and then wash off.

Author: Mandar Patil    11 Jan 2011      Member Level: Silver     Points : 4    Voting Score: 0

Hair fall is due to many reasons like careless eating,excess chemicals applied to hair.
This is the problem faced by almost all of them fall is mainly causing due to excess polution.


1)Apply 'ashwini' hairoil and do regular massage to your hair.

2)Wash your hair twice a week.Dont use dark sampoo.You must remove the sampoo properly from your hair.

3)Eat healthy food.consume fresh food.have green leafy vegetables,butter,ghee,raw vegetables during your meals.

4)Go for morning walk and do regular can prefer ramdev babas yoga.

5)Dont try any chemical to colour your hair.they make your hair rough and dry.

6)Use any of the ayurvedic sampoo which is mild.

7)Dry your hair naturally dont use dryer.

8)Rub your hair gentally after head bath.

Author: saranya    25 Mar 2011      Member Level: Bronze     Points : 1    Voting Score: 0

to avoid hairfall you can use the "AMLA "hair oil . it is an amway product. it really works..i found changes with in 1 month

Author: kannupriya    01 Apr 2011      Member Level: Silver     Points : 0    Voting Score: 0

Use Oriflame Products.
Its really works

Author: Sam    02 Apr 2011      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

Hot towel therapy is useful and I am recommending this based on my personal experience.

Oil and massage your hair with suitable oil and comb it to remove al tangles.
Dip towel (big enough to wrap your head) in bucket of hot water. Squeeze the water, but make sure the towel is still hot (do not squeeze it dry)
Wrap the hot towel immediately covering your hair (wrap it in a simple manner by simply placing the towel on your head and wrapping the back of the hair by twisting the towel, do not use the method of bending and wrapping your hair from backside)
Your scalp might should feel the heat.
After 2-3 minutes, when the towel has become cold, repeat the steps 3-4 times more

Continue doing this whenever you oil your hair or twice a week. It helps the oil to be absorbed

Other basic tips:
- Do not wash hair with hot water. Lukewarm water/cold water should be fine
- Do not brush your hair when it is wet, it weakens them
- Twice in a week, deep condition your hair
- Treat your hair for any dandruff problems

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