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    How to remove marks from face?

    i am 18 nowi have few black marks on my remove that marks?
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    use T TOP orieantation

    it cost only 300/- but work very fast....

    it is available at any medical shop

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    Using chemical based creams work, yes, but the problem with it is that the marks tend to resurface once discontinue using them. The better way is to wait for sometime. At 18, pimples are common, in most cases they disappear after you reach 20. Also, marks usually diasppear after 6-12 months even if you don't apply any medication unless you are terribly scarred (chicken pox scars).
    If it is just a blemish i.e; a dark mark, like that left by a pimple, and not a cut or depression, it will definitely disappear in 6 months. So, stop worrying and be confident. Only real men get scarred!


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    chemical based cream should be avoided as they have side affects . The best solution id the use of aloe vera. It is a wonderful remedy to all the skin problems.

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    Try the following tips -

    1. Grind basil leaves with turmeric powder and make a paste. Apply this paste on your face, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with water. Don't use soap after this mixture.

    2. Massage your face with coriander juice daily.

    3. Grind the fenugreek leaves and apply the paste on your face, this makes the skin soft and smooth.

    4. Mix milk and lemon juice in equal quantity and massage your face with it and then rinse with water.

    5. Apply cucumber juice on your face, it lightens the black marks.

    6. Apply sunscreen lotion before going out in the sunlight.

    7. Apply multani mitti on your face and wash it when dry, with cold water.

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    1)Apply neem and corfad mixture alternatly.

    2)Apply 'multani mitti'.

    3)Do regular clean up.

    4)Apply patato on your face gentally.

    5)Apply cucumber paste on the marks.

    6)Dont use soaps.Use some mild face wash which suits your skin.

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