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    How to make Veg Grilled Sandwich?

    How to make Veg Grilled Sandwich?
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    I think you are interested in cooking. Same here.
    To make veg grilled sandwich you have to follow the below procedure.
    2)Butter,Sause,Cheese.Sandwich bread.
    3)Pudina,Green Chilli,Coreander leaves,Garlic.(Ginger)optional.
    4)Salt,Pepper powder,Limejuice.

    1)First cut Tamato,Cucumber,Beetroot,Onion in round shape finely.
    2)Now for grilled sandwich you will have to prepare green chattni.
    3)To prepare it take Coreander leaves,Pudina,Chilli,Salt,Garlic pepper powder,Then grind it.
    4)Then take the four Bread slices. Apply chatnni on one bread, keep the cutted Onion ,Cucumber,Beetroot,Tamato on it.
    5)Take the second bread slice, Arrange cheese slice on it.
    6)Take the third bread slice and follow the same procedure applied to first bread slice on the third.
    7)Keep the fourth bread slice on it.
    8)You can keep the cheese slice on all the four bread layer.
    9)keep it in the oven for 5 minutes.And your veg grilled sandwich is ready.

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    Veg. Sandwich (Grilled)


    Onion - 1 Big (Cut into thin stripes)
    Capsicum - 1 Big (Cut into thin strips)
    Tomato - 1 Piece (Cut into thin strips)
    Mushrooms - 1 Cup (Sliced)
    Cheese - 2 Tablespoon (Grated)
    Refined cooking oil - 2 Tablespoon
    Pepper - According to taste
    salt - According to taste
    Whole wheat brown bread - 8 Pieces

    Preparation method

    Take a pan and add refined cooking oil and put of flame. Add capsicum and mushroom and cook until turn to dark brown color so that it looks like grilled. Now add salt and pepper and low the flame.

    Take the bread slices and spread the vegetable. Now spread grated cheese on the vegetable and spread some butter and cut into triangles and serve hot.

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    It is very easy to prepare veg grilled sandwich mostly in the morning time for kids and people who go for office.

    Ingredients :-

    1. White bread or Wheat bread
    2. Onions
    3. Green or Yellow capsicum
    4. Oil
    5. Pepper
    6. Cheese
    7. Butter
    8. Carrot
    9. Tomatoes
    10. Green chili
    11. Coriander leaves
    12. Lemon

    Process :-

    1. Take a pan with oil , after it gets heated add chopped onions ,capsicum , carrot , green chillies , coriander leaves and tomatoes . Stir it for 5 min.
    2. Take bread and heat it until the edges get brown then apply butter on one side,on top of it add these vegetables.Now add grated cheese, pepper powder and lemon for taste and cover it with another butter slice.

    serve hot and enjoy the taste.




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