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    Problem with VLC Media Player icons

    Hello All,
    Recently when I opened my system, I saw all my icons in the desktop changed to VLC icon.I was not able to change it.So I uninstalled VLC. But now when I try to install,installation is successful but after installation whatever I click in my system everything is opening through VLC including the browsers.
    I got a suggestion to recover to the previous day since I have Windows 7.But it all goes into vain when I recover as the process is getting failed at the end.I do know what exactly happened.
    Can any one explain how I can rectify this problem.
    Thanks in Advance.
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    I think some virus has changed all your system's file associations to vlc.
    With the amount of information that you provided, I cannot exactly figure the problem out. But, the part of the problem that everything is opening with vlc can be easily solved.
    Just go to
    Control Panel -> Programs -> Default Programs-> Set Associations.

    Here, you can change what type of file opens with which program.

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    Hello ,
    Without any screenshot its difficult to identify the problem.
    But Windows 7 icons also may get corrupted when you try to install VLC . You can repair by rebuilding the icon cache.

    Please follow the link for more details

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    @Ashu Pachauri Thank you for your response.I tried your sugggestion,but the type of files to opened are normal and nothing has changed.But when even then all my programs are opening with VLC. The type of file for programs is same before and after I install VLC player.

    @ Jetli Thank you.I rebuilded the icon catche but the problem remains the same.Also the problem is not just the change of icons it is also the programs are opening with the same player.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    Can you do one more thing? Just create a new text file. Now, rename the text file to delete its extension. For this, open Computer, goto Tools -> Folder Options -> View. Uncheck the box named "Hide extensions of known file types".

    Now, select your text file, press F2 and rename it to remove the ".txt" extension from it. Now, double click the file. If it still opens with vlc, then it is a registry based problem. If it asks for a program to select to open with, then select "Notepad".
    Now, if it opens with VLC, again it is a registry based problem. If it opens with Notepad, then most probably a virus has modified all the extensions in your system, and maybe you will have to correct them manually whenever you need them.

    If the problem is registry based as I stated above, then maybe you correct it editing the registry manually. But, this process may lead to complete data loss and do not edit registry unless you are an experienced computer user.

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    Try to restore your system.

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    Thank you Ashu I will try it and respond here what exactly happened. Also, Thank you Faizan I tried it first and it didn't work.
    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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