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    How to pass maths in BCA?

    Hi i am from chennai My Friend studied Bca in Madras University in the year 2004-2006 but she did not completed she have one Maths Arear. Please give some ideas to her to pass this subjects.
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    When compared to all universities , education in Madras University is the best and the toughest . The way they teach to the students is unique and the passing grade is less because of tough paper and high standards.
    One should be very careful regarding exams and should be clear regarding basics.
    Their are few tips regarding how to pass this subject.

    1. For maths , foundation should be very clear because this is not a theory subject where you can mug , it totally depends on clear understanding step by step.
    2. Practice regularly the previous question papers and important one.
    3. Talk to the maths teacher where you can get proper foundation which will be helpful.
    4. Wake up early in the morning and do maths because it needs lot of concentration.
    5. Practice more of divisions , subtraction , multiplication, where in the exam you can save lot of time.





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    Math is an interesting subject. If anyone find this is difficult then use the following steps:

    1. Practice daily in early morning as the mind is always fresh at this time and you can get everything easily.
    2. Take extra classes (tuition) for maths from good tutor.
    3. Fix the routine to do limited lessons daily.
    4. Study without any tension and afraid.
    5. Eat balance diet and drink lot of clean water.
    6. Buy guide from market to learn easy methods.
    7. Search old question papers at India Study Channel (ISC)
    6. Pray to God for your success in life.

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    There is no any magic to pass the maths paper in the BCA examination. Go through the book thoroughly. Do lot of practice and knowing the concept is the most important part of mathematics.

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    Need to work hard nothing else. BCA math is not very difficult just if he will give good attention he will get success surely soon. He can get online math tutoring help also if he want.


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