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    CBSE, ICSE, SSC, which is better ?

    What are the difference between SSC..CBSC...ICSE...How they can be different in study pattern, Examination Pattern in concern of student admission.
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    CBSE - The Central Board of Secondary Education is a Board of Education for school level in India of Central Government.

    ICSE - The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education examination is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, a private, non-governmental board of school education in India

    SSC - Secondary School Certificate is the certificate given to students passing out of secondary school in India

    Among this CBSE is better Than ICSE & SSC

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    In addition to above, I would like to say that CBSE and ICSE appear equal as far as the syllabus and quality of education is concerned. ICSE is extremely good for the languages.One can develop a very strong English base while studying ICSE board.However, CBSE fares well when we consider all the subjects and examination patterns.
    I had an opportunity to study in both ICSE and CBSE Board. These are basically national boards for education upto 12th Standard.
    SSC is the Secondary School certificate which is the 10th Standard Exam.

    Best Regards

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    any one can score more in CBSE and courase is also updated :)

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    The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is better, because it is an internationally accepted syllabus. Their major stress is on the English language. I have associated with many students who studied in all three syllabuses and I have noticed that people who came from an ICSE back ground were well versed in English. You can understand the quality of ICSE syllabus by knowing the fact that a student who passes out from the 12th class of an ICSE school will have learned at least 2 Shakespeare's plays completely in Elizabethan English. But, if you exclude English, both CBSE and ICSE are almost equal.

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    The indian certificate of secondary education is the best board ,and it international board.In this board there is a lots of advantage comparing the other board. syllabus is internationally accepted, include all basice and high level language books
    3.its value is more than other boadr
    4.the most important is english languare,which is very important now a days,so we do not need to learn english language.from out side.
    4.the people who have been the student of other board except icse,they are very week in english,because of there less subject.
    5.the student of icse ,they study 6 english books in class X.where as the other student they study 2 to 3 books,so we can find out the difference from this books
    6.its value is more that other board,it is universally accepted,we can lots of english noval,story,and grammar .so from this we can conclude that icse is the best...

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    Depends on what you need.

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    ICSE board is best, as i have studied in ICSE board and comparitive to other boards there is lot of difference between the study methods.
    ICSE syllabus is Universally accepted and has high level languages such as english and in computers it has a high level language JAVA and in no board there is programming language JAVA in 10th standard, which is best feature in ICSE board and we will to be at higher level than other students.

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