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    What is the difference between hacking and cracking?

    Difference between Hacking and Cracking?
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    Hacking is a method where the(hacker) finds out everything about your organization, the network topology of your organization(the way your computers are arranged), and the bugs errors if the office computers through which he can break in.

    All the loopholes are discovered and then finally makes the attack. This is a well calculated where the hacker takes 80% of the time in studying about the victim and 20% of the time with the real hack.

    Cracking is the method which deals with password retrieval, here bruteforce etc algorithms are to used to gain the passwords.

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    Hacking means a hacker uses our system for his own purposes. Also he can hack the information of hacked system. He can use the network of hacked system for his own purpose. Also he can use hacked system as his own server and this can slow performance of hacked system and can be cause of share the data and personal information. We should need to use good antivirus and Internet security to avoid hacking our system. Also a disk cleanup is recommended once a day.

    Cracking means crack (break) the license (product) key. Every original software gives the product key (serial key) to every user. This is always a unique key and generated by software companies special software. If anyone steel that utility or make any key-gen to generate the serial number for pirated use that is called cracking. Cracking is a totally illegal method also called piracy and we should not use the cracked software. Almost 100% cracked software contains harmful viruses and your computer can be hacked easily.

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    There is a lot of difference between a hacker and a cracker.

    Hackers are those computers experts which breaks into computers to check any vulnerably so that no one can misuse the services. These are really intelligent and smart persons who use there ability to protect the community from cyber crimes and computer thefts.

    Whereas, Crackers are those peoples who use there knowledge to do computer crimes for gaining popularity among peoples and to earn fast money. They break into computer networks for their enjoyment and cause harm to them. These persons does not have real knowledge and know something about using the particular software to break into computers.

    Thank you

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    Hi Shathish kumar,

    This is very good Question.
    Lets take a shot of Hacking and Cracking.!!

    Hacking Stands for the way to stealing information from computer and person can do this is called Hacker. Hacker is a expert who can destroy your data, Steal your data etc. Hacker can tried to enter your computer network without Authorization.

    Only hacking is not crime, But the Ethical hacking is the authorized Process. By which hacker can do anything is called ethical hacker or Certified Hacker.

    There are many types of hacking like inside jobs, back doors , Rogue Access point, Virus and Worms, Trojan house, Anarchists, Denial of Service (DOS), Sniffing And Spoofing etc. The Deeply Explanation is given in Reference URL.

    Basically Cracking is Guessing a password. We can crack email account, or any other account. A cracker is a person who breaks the computer network or program. It Refers to the act of bypassing protection from program i.e. Serial key Generator.



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