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    Arrow mark on defence vehicles number plates

    What the arrow marks on the defence vehicles number plates denote?
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    The Up arrow mark represent the unique numbering system for defence vehicles.

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    The Defence vehicles have an unique numbering system which is completely different from other license numbering system. These Defence vehicles numbers are registered under the ministry of Defence in New Delhi. The first or the third letter or character is always an arrow that points upwards. The next digits signifies the year in which the Vehicles has been brought or procured by the Defence Department. The next digits indicates the base code and the preceding number is the serial number. The letter after the serial number indicates the class of vehicle.


    The information has been refered from the Newspaper Times Of India.

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    Defence vehicles have a Unique Numbering system that includes some information in it.The numbers are registered by the Ministry of Defence in New Delhi.

    An Up arrow mark comes in the first or third place - Denotes that the vehicle is a Military Property and also it prevents misreading of the numbers if the vehicle or the number plate turns upside down.

    The first two digits are the year of procurement of that vehicle which is followed by the base code, serial number and class of the vehicle(Letter)

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