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How to open Memory Card without Password

Date: 10 Jul 2009   Group: Opinion About    Category: Electronic Items   

My freind has a memory card, but by mistake his mobile has become password protected. He didn't given any password to his card, but whenever he tries to look contents of memory card his card requests for password and he doen't knows password.
So, anybody please help me in regards how my friend will open his memory card without entering password and I also want to know how he can remove password from his memory card. Please help anybody.

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Author: ranganathan    10 Jul 2009      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 2

If your memory card type is Micro SD then remove your memory card and insert it into some high end phones especially on nokia N95 and format it Yes by doing this the card will be formatted and the password will be erased. One of my friend also forgot his memory card password and he formatted by using another friend's N95 mobile phone so you can try with any other high end phones.
Author: Kiran Paul Kanikaram    26 Aug 2009      Member Level: Gold     Points : 2    Voting Score: 0

Since the memory card is not password protected there is no issue with the memory card.

Since his mobile is password protected please remove the memory card and connect it to the computer through a card reader and you can view the contents and also you can format it and use it again.

You can also put the card in another mobile phone and format it.


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