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    How to get rid of heat from the body?

    Please suggest some tips and food to get rid of heat.
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    getting rid of heat from the body is as simple and easy just follow the below mentioned steps

    1)drink atleast 3 to 4 litres of water per day so that the heat and other toxic materials in the body gets away in the form of urine and sweat which helps in preventing many diseases and reduces the body temperature(heat) to the required level of that person

    2)eat green leafy vegetables,fruits which controls the body temperature

    3)eat cuccumber,water melon,karbooj fruits which has significant amount of water presence in it which in turn reduces the body heat

    4)drinking coconut water of more than 3 litres in a day in bring down the body heat easily and very much faster

    5)taking oil bath twice a week also brings down the body heat

    6)doing pranayama postures of sheetari,sheetkari,sadanta will bring down the heat(do this under the guidence of a able guru otherwise it can bring down your body temperature heavily)


    Raghuram M V

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    Heat is a natural thing and one cant change it as the change in climate in not in the hand of human. Though I must saw at some point human beings are responsible for the heat and humidity and this is due to global warming. I think as a responsible human being you should know about it, so please refer to Global warming. Now again coming to my profession before knowing some preventive measures for heat please know how much dangerous it can be, it can cause Heat stroke which can be a medical emergency as it affects nearly all organs. Be cautious and know how it affects at Manifestation of heat stroke

    For prevention from heat and heat stroke drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated, wear light colored clothes but never be bare body. I think you should get a detail here Management and prevention of heat stroke

    Yes someperson gets mild rashes which itches in hot whether, it is called miliaria, there is a way to get rid of that also. I think you can get that from here Miliaria a skin disease due to excessive heat and humidity

    Dr. Sanjeev

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    hi there
    to get rid of heat from body drink 3-5 litres water a day. do not eat spicy and fried food. try green salads etc. put wet towel on pulse points of your body. the best way is take shower. wet a hankie and tie it on your head covering your hair.

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    Triphala is an useful Ayurvedic drug which has multiple uses. Take it regularly either daily or 2-3 times a week.

    Read -
    Drink 3-5 litres water per day. Include lemon sharbat, orange, grape, water melon juice in daily routine. Have a lot of salads, cucumber, badam ( almond,), buttermilk.
    Wear a hat while going out in sun. Don't do heavy exercise in Summer. Wear light colored ( preferably white, creamy,)clothes. Avoid dark, black colored clothes. Use sun coat while going out in sun.

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    Yeah, its summer ,and at the same time getting rid of body heat very simple, drink lots of water it balances body condition (at least 4 to 5 litres per day).Eat lot of GREENS like cucumber,green vegetables etc, I suggest daily evening a plate of GREEN SALAD with fresh vegetables and leaves. And there last but not the least its really works so good to get rid off body heat, its drink daily 2 glasses of buttermilk, it really keeps you cool.

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    Drink 7 to 9 glasses of water per day .
    Take cucumber ,lemon,watermelon,and puppia so that u can stay cool............................

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    very short way is to drink aplenty of water as one can.. Docs suggest 4 litres of water a day. More than that is more suitable for chilling the body..

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    Brijesh Singh says--There are very simple methods of getting rid of heat out of the body.
    1. If you find that your body regularly gets heated up then make sure that you drink a lot of water.Initially drink a glass of water(cool water don't go for chilled water) then after 40 minutes drink another glass of water. Go for urination if you feel like and then when you come back drink another glass of water. Keep this cycle going.It will not only cool down your body but will also help you in learning very fast if you are a student.
    2.You can also go for a fresh bath once in the morning and the other in the evening. While bathing make the water roll over your body from the top of your head and not just from the top of your shoulders.After bathing it is very important to get your head dried.This can be easily done by taking a dry towel and wiping your head with it. You will surely feel fresh and cool after this.
    3. If it is a winter season and your body is very hot, then it may be fever. In this case take a fever pill and cover yourself with one or more blankets such that you start sweating a lot. This way you will lose the excess heat and even the fever will be controlled.
    4.Generally brain consumes maximum energy in a human being if he/she is a student or teacher. In this case to cool down the brain, take a handkercheif , get it soaked in cold water, wring it to shed the water and then put it on your forehead. It will be very good for your head as well as eyes.
    5. In any situation to reduce heat of the body you can go for following food items--
    a) Take a lot of cucumber salad
    b) Eat tomatoes in your salad
    c) You can also go for green-coconut water
    d) Other green vegetables will also work
    e) Take lemon juice twice or thrice a day
    f) Papaya and water melon will also do. Don't take lot of water melon as it will lead to loose motion.
    6. There is another interesting fact. Take a cup of tea or a coffee as they act as diuretics that is make you urinate good number of times which will eventually remove a lot of heat from your body.

    So enjoy cool and healthy living.

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    consume a lot of water,but not ice cold water it will increase the body heat
    take oil bath at least once a week
    apply castor oil at the bottom of your foot and rub it hard
    use cotton clothes that will provide better aeration
    drink fruit juices and coconut water
    avoid spices

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    The basic answer to this problem is in drinking lots of water. since because, it brings down the body temperature.. If castor oil is applied to center part of head(one or two drops) body heat may reduced.Consuming food items like cucumber,water melon,lemon,orange can help. Try to avoid mango,jack fruit.These may lead to increased amount of body heat.Go for a walk in fresh air in early morning.try to avoid spicy food items. Though cold water may seem pleasing for heat, it actually increases the body temperature due to its latent heat.

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    Following recepies are effective to reduce body heat.Try it:
    you can prepare this drink and have it:

    1 tab. spoon sonf
    2 to 3 tab sp palm candy / palm sugar
    1 sp ghee


    In a pan, pour ghee and fry sonf in it.
    add 2 to 4 cups of water and allow it to boil.
    Let it become half.
    At this stage add palm candy and allow it to boil again.
    Then remove from the fire and keep aside.
    Filter it and drink.
    It will taste great.

    Note: you can use sugar if you dont get palm sugar or palm candy.
    You can add one sp of ghee while you drink the 'sonf water'

    Or you can make banana milk shake and drink. This is the best one to reduce heat of your body. This drink will reduce your body heat immediately and you will get cold immediately.

    You can keep natural maehndi on you palms and fingers,it will reduce body heat.The mehndi treatment is widely followed among muslims as their Prophet(PBUH) has said about this in His holy meetings.

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    Take 2 - 3 litres of water daily,

    have coconut water daily, lemon juice and butter milk,

    if possible take lot fruits like watermelon,

    Do not ever take freeze items.

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    There are many ways to ged rid of heat from the body.

    1. Butter milk.
    2. Water melon
    3. Lemon juice
    4. Cucumber
    5. Drink lot of water
    6. Lot of fruit juices
    7. Avoid tight and thick clothing

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