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    How to avoid dandruff problem?

    I am getting regularly dandurff in my hairs it is looking like scales.After applying some liquid medicines it is going but coming after two weeks please suggest me what i do.
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    Keeping away dandruff is not so difficult. Follow these tips:

    1) Have head bath at least twice a week : This would ensure that your hair is free from dirt that comes from the atmosphere.

    2) Dont keep the hair dry: Apply oil or something like that so that your hair is never dry.

    3) Use Head and Shoulders Anti dandruff shampoo, it is quite effective and even recommended by most of the doctors.

    4) Avoid rubbing dandruff affected areas with hand, that would just spread it all over.

    Further reference:

    Hope this helps...

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    Thank you Maheedhar Kaki
    I am facing the same problem since last 4 year and due to dandruff my hair is falling in a faster speed so I may get bald with in next 2 year.
    By the way thanks for the response lets try this one also

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    There are many companies coming up with antidandruff medication. Important is to know the basic mechanism of dandruff formation. Dandruff is due to the fungal infection of the scalp which lead to scaling of the skin which comes out as dandruff, the loss of hair which people usually say is due to dandruff is basically due to this fungal infection and if not treated early may lead to permanent hair loss.

    I recommend to use antifungal shampoo, NIZRAL is one of that brand. One thing should be remembered that when you wash your head after applying shampoo, keep yourself in erect postur so that the water along with shampoo fog spread on your body. This will help in clearing the remnants of fungus which spreads on body with dandruff scales.

    Dr. Sanjeev

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    Dandruff occours due to the dryness of the skin in the scalp. Not just dry skin but also excess secretion of the natual oil also leads to dandruff. As you have scales falling, it might lead to other problems like pimples in face and the back. You have to make your scalp secrete the right amount of natural oil.

    Wash and clean your hair regularly. Brush and comb your hair. Hair brushing should be done so that the entire scalp gets a massage. If it is not effective, weekly once a proper hair massage can be done. (Take coconut oil and warm it lightly, massage it to your scalp with your finger tips and wrap a towel around your hair which is dipped in warm water, this will ensure the oil to get into the scalp).

    There are some home remedies to help you control and gradually remove it. Though it is a slow process, still it is worth a try. Onto wet hair, massage two table spoon of lemon juice with finger tips. This will make the dandruff disappear slowly, this have to be done every day till the dandruff goes off, and this will also keep the hair smelling lemony and the itchiness of the scalp will also go off. This will also help in secretion of natural oil.

    To know more tips to control dandruff.


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    Dandruff is a big problem it cause itching and hair fall very rapidly so to get rid of it is very necessary.

    You can use the Anti dandruff Shampoo of AMWAY this will really help you as I am using the same.Use good oil and give hair massage twice in a week. Do not Brush in wet Hairs.

    If you have dandruff in big amount than you can use the Fenugreek paste (methi dana, soak two tablespoon of methi dana overnight and grind it in the morning to make paste) leave the it for one hour and wash it off thoroughly.

    Take a balanced diet, Avoid citrus food in your diet this will increase the problem.

    Clean your hair on regular bases so that the layer of dead cells will not accumulate.

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    and most Important is protect you Hair from dust & Sun. Always tie yours hair while going out in sun

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    Hey friend take head bath daily ya thats the only solution for our hair clean and product from dandruff... plase try it. Then use a regular shampoo thats also important ya... Safe ur from ball headed...

    With regards,
    S.Varadhu M.Tech

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    The easiest and the shortest mean can be by applying Curd(one,two days old) in your scalp. Apply it properly. And wash it with tap water after half an hour. The next day wash your hair with mild shampoo. continue this for few weekends and you will find its working to solve your problem.
    How this helps:
    Curd has calcium and phosphorous which keeps hair healthy and provides moisture and maintains Ph level of hair.

    Avoid using too frequent use of curd, twice a month is enough to cure dandruff.

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    Hi! dandruff have been a couse of concern for me also these are the possible solution
    1>Wash hair thrice in a month
    2>Protect your hair from dust
    3>Use good antidandruff shampoo like head n shoulder
    4>Use oil mixed with "kapur"
    5>This is a technique from baba Ramdev if you can apply
    collect honeybee nest and burn it take its ash and mix it with oil put it over hair.

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    1)wash hairs after two days.
    2)before washing apply 'kerotex' at night.
    3)then in morning wash with your regular shampo.

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